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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't wait until the new year to start your job search

With the holidays fast approaching it's easy to put off your job search until the first of the year. However, this week has been our busiest of Q4 regarding job interviews. Employers are eager to use up any money they may have left in the budget for 2009 and would prefer to have jobs filled and candidates starting the first of the year. Additionally, there is an influx in job seekers come January 1st. Be one of the candidates who already interviewed for a job versus one of the back up resumes on a hiring manager's desk. Get started today and go to and search for your next job.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why are there so many open jobs? Recruiter Job Summit 2009?

Today the White House is holding it's Job Summit. Rather than wait for the government I want to hold an online Recruiter Job Summit. First, I don't want this post to be a pity party. I want to gain and share true insight and real solutions on how to Fight Unemployment.

I've worked as an agency recruiter for the past 12 years and own a small staffing firm in Orange County, CA. Like a lot of Americans I spend hours online viewing open jobs on company website. While my goal is to try and build new client relationships I feel a lot of people have come to the same conclusion as me. Why are there so many open jobs? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) Survey on the last business day of September, 2009 in the United States there are 2.5 Million job openings (

This morning I spent an hour on I plugged in the skill set of a candidate I am representing trying to locate open positions for her which may be a good fit. After reviewing at least 10 open positions in her area I am scratching my head as to why she is still unemployed. She has 10+ years of relevant industry experience, great communication/presentation skills and an advanced degree. What's the problem? Are companies simply NOT HIRING?

Most jobs on company websites have a "when open" date. I've noticed these dates vary from 1 day to 8 months. With 10%+ unemployment how can a job be open for 8 months? I've also spoken with companies who say, "We really need your help, this jobs been open for 6 months and we can't seem to find the right person". What does this really mean?

Are companies simply posting jobs, collecting resumes and interviewing candidates as an illusion? Are they waiting for times to get better and than will contact previously interviewed candidates and see if they are still available? Are they waiting for the "perfect candidate" to magically appear?

What can we do?

First, there is no perfect candidate and they will leave after 3 years just like every other employee.

Companies need to focus on the positive. Find reasons TO hire someone versus reasons NOT to hire someone? After all, a potential employee should be challenged in a new job versus know everything.

Employers need to focus on the value an employee brings versus the costs.

Can the government help? The rhetoric in the whole stimulus package has changed from job creation to job retention. Can the government help companies by giving them tax breaks if they actually hire new employees? After all, there is still profit for the government if an unemployed individual gets a job versus lives on the dole.

Are their resumes not well written and they need to go to to Rev Up their resume (shameless plug)?

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winner of ResuWe Ipod Contest

After hours of deliberation and numerous re-counts we have decided the winner of our ResuWe Ipod Contest. Congratulations to Michelle Bernstein of Los Angeles, CA! Michelle sent us a photo of herself and a friend wearing their ResuWe T-Shirts at the U2 Concert at the Rose Bowl. Enjoy your Ipod Michelle and thanks for showing over 95,000 U2 fans your support for ResuWe.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Free Expert Job Search Assistance - ResuWe

ResuWe is dedicated to fighting unemployment. ResuWe was founded by experienced agency recruiters who want to help job seekers secure their next job. For the next week we will be offering a Free Employment Assistance Program providing job seekers with expert help on how to gain momentum in their job search.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to and set up a profile and upload your resume.

2. Email me directly ( with questions you have about your job search. Please put in the subject line ResuWe user job search question (or something similar).

3. I will personally answer your question or help in any way possible.

Here are a few examples of what we can help on:

1. How to get your resume noticed.
2. Providing direct hiring manager contacts (email) within specific companies.
3. Anything job related.

So go to and register today. Email me your questions and let's fight unemployment one job at a time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here's Who's Hiring in New York City

In today's Here's Who's Hiring I had to look no further than the shirt I was wearing. So I went to and used the job search feature typing in What: Marketing, Ralph Lauren and Where: New York, NY. I want to help Ralph Lauren by giving them qualified candidates and fighting unemployment by giving you the direct hiring manager's email.

Their website states, "Polo Ralph Lauren is a leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories and fragrances. For more than thirty years, our reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands and international markets." Sounds like a pretty good place to work.

Here are a few steps to assist you on getting your foot in the door at Ralph Lauren:

1. Revise your resume at

2. Send your resume through the Ralph Lauren website for a job which fits your background.

3. In addition, send your resume directly to the possible hiring manager below.

Write in the subject line your name, the title of the job you are applying and job code. It's also a good idea to write a few sentences about why you are a good fit for the job explaining recent relevant experiences which match the job. Mention in your email that you submitted your resume through the Ralph Lauren career link, but would very much like to be considered for the job.

The email format at Ralph Lauren appears to be If you find this information needs improvement please let me know.

1. Associate Product Manager - Polo Ralph Lauren - New York, NY
Paul Choi, Senior Director, Polo Ralph Lauren -

2. Account Planner, Lauren - Polo - New York, NY

Lauren McDonnell Haughs, Planning Manager at Polo Ralph Lauren -

Betsy Thiffault, Director of Planning at Polo Ralph Lauren -

3. Product Design Development Manager - Polo Ralph Lauren - New York, NY

Lisa Britz, Senior Design Development Manager at Polo Ralph Lauren -

Melissa Cohen, Senior Director, Product Development at Polo Ralph Lauren -

4. ASSOCIATE BUYER - Ralph Lauren - New York, NY

Armando Salcido, Manager of Operations -

5. SENIOR BUSINESS ANALYST - Ralph Lauren Media Llc - New York, NY

Don Valencia, Manager, Business Process Management at Polo Ralph Lauren -

6. Director, Sales - Polo - New York, NY

Marco Marin, Vice President Sales at Ralph Lauren -

Chip Thompson, VP of Sales and Operations at Polo Ralph Lauren -

7. Director, Interactive Development - Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation - New York, NY

Amy Jaffe, VP, Marketing Development at Polo Ralph Lauren -

8. Associate Technical Designer - Polo Ralph Lauren - New York, NY

Sohee Kim, Director of product development in Women's at Polo Ralph Lauren -

9. Associate Technical Designer - Polo Ralph Lauren - New York, NY

Loann Davis, Sr. Director of Product Development at Polo Ralph Lauren -

10. Planning Manager - Polo - New York, NY

11. Associate Planner - Polo - New York, NY

Colleen VanHise, Director, Planning & Retail Analysis at Polo Ralph Lauren -

John Caruso, Vice President of Merchandise Planning and Forecasting at Ralph Lauren -

Patty Song, Director of Merchandising at Polo Ralph Lauren -

All I ask is if this blog post helps you get a job please give me your discount.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Be sure to discuss relocation with your family prior to pursuing out of town positions

Opening your job search to include out of town and out of state locations is a great way to increase your chances of finding the best positions available - especially in today's tough and uncertain job market. Many companies are open to filling positions with out of town applicants and in many cases will offer comprehensive relocation packages.

It is easy to apply to all suitable jobs nationwide and say yes to recruiters who may present out of state positions. Unfortunately many job seekers do not consider what locations are suitable for themselves or their family until it is too late in an interview process. It is unfair to a potential employer to realize prior to an interview, after receiving an offer, or even worse, after accepting an offer that the location of their position is not suitable for your family. It's even more unfair to your family members to figure this out after engaging interest in a position and not discussing the position's location beforehand.

If you are open to considering out of state opportunities, be sure to have an open discussion with your spouse or family members to determine a list of acceptable and unacceptable geographic locations. Factors to consider include career opportunities for family members, housing prices, recreational activities, weather, schools, and friends & family in the area. Go to sites like,, or to get a feel for what positions are available for family members. Search real estate sites such as,, and to get a feel for actual home prices. This is a much better way to get a feel for the primary factor of the region's cost of living and a more accurate snapshot than a "cost of living" calculator.

If you are beginning or in the middle of a job search and open to relocation, simply make a Yes/No list of desirable and undesirable geographic locations prior to submitting your resume to any positions or companies in these areas. Doing so beforehand will save you a tremendous amount of headache and inconvenience.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ResuWe at U2

Competition is heating up for the chance to win the new iPod Nano! Check out this great shot from the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on October 25th.

It's not too late to enter. Simply email a photo of yourself wearing your ResuWe t-shirt in front of a cool or unique regional location or landmark to

Don't have a ResuWe tee shirt? Log on to, get your resume PUBLISHED ONLINE, tweet your Profile through Twitter, and we will send you a free ResuWe t-shirt! You can also have your Facebook friends make recommendations on your resume.

New Podcast up on iTunes - Preparing for the Interview

In our 2nd Podcast, we cover Interview preparation tips and techniques. We also cover our 10 interviewing questions in 5 minutes segment and job search tip of the week. Now you can rev up your resume on with Facebook! All interview questions are provided by the Interview Pro iPhone App.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Be a Passive Job Seeker by utilizing Social Media

Google announced last week that they struck a deal with Twitter to include real-time tweets in Google’s search results. Facebook is continuing to add more job related content and users can add their job history to their Facebook profile. ResuWe allows it's users to have their Facebook friends comment and make recommendations on their resume. ResuWe also allows it's users the ability to tweet their resume and have a vanity ResuWe URL which will allow user's resumes to be searched and viewed via the Open Web.

Having a resume available online is part of an individual's personal brand. Posting a resume on one of the pay boards limits who can search the resume to only those who pay for a user license. Also, users spend a lot of time posting their resumes to each of the job boards (Monster, Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, etc.). Passive job seekers can now safely have a social media enhanced resume available via the open web using

With a 9.8% unemployment rate (US BLS September, 2009) and a slowly improving economy, workers unhappy with their current job may still be hesitant to actively start looking for a new position. This information, coupled with more and more companies spending money on technologies involving open web searches to find passive candidates, are reasons why to be a passive job seeker.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Get a Facebook Enhanced Resume using

A great new feature on is the ability to have your Facebook friends make comments and give you a "thumbs up" on your resume. Create a Resume profile by uploading and optimizing your resume. If you are already a user simply sign into your account.

1. Once your resume is finished select My Profile on the top toolbar.

2. Create a ResuWe vanity URL on the Website / Social Settings on the My Profile page.

3. Select View Public Profile on this page.

4. Select the the Facebook icon / invite co-workers and colleagues to Rev up your Resume!

Please note:

Your Facebook Friends will receive a notice in the upper right hand Requests section of their Facebook home page. It will read 1 ResuWe invitation.

Only your Facebook friends who receive an invitation are able to make a comment on your resume.

The Rev'd up version of your resume is NOT the Word copy of your ResuWe resume. The Rev'd up version is the default resume viewed on the open web (if you choose) via your ResuWe Vanity URL.

The Facebook resume is easy to create, and it will catch the eye of hiring managers!

Stand Out Among Job Applicants by Creating an Enhanced Resume with Recommendations from Facebook Connections on

In today's ultra competitive job market it is essential for job seekers to differentiate themselves. Now they can using to build a resume and create a Facebook enhanced resume with comments and "thumbs up" recommendations from their peers and supervisors. This revolutionary feature allows hiring managers to immediately see that a candidate is respected, highly recommended, and a team player.

With over 15 million unemployed people and an unemployment rate of 9.8%, Americans are facing an extremely competitive job market. They must do everything they can to stand out amongst the hordes of candidates applying for the same jobs. The new website offers job seekers just that - a simple yet exceptionally effective way to stand out amongst applicants by creating a Facebook resume with comments and "thumbs up" recommendations from colleagues and supervisors.

The Co-Founders Jeff Schwartzman and Dan Boersma are experienced recruiters with over 25 years of industry experience combined. Boersma explains, "Hiring managers will be more likely to interview a candidate who they know is well liked and recommended by their colleagues versus a candidate about whom they have no additional information. An individual's resume doesn't show what colleagues and supervisors think of their job performance and this feature will validate resumes." Schwartzman adds, "This feature will help job seekers stand out from the pack, which is of vital importance in today's poor economic climate."

Facebook has over 300 million active users and the average user has 130 friends. Many of these connections are work colleagues and ResuWe's new Facebook feature will help job seekers benefit from Facebook's expansive network. While only people who are invited are able to leave comments, anyone who is a work connection will be able to give a "thumbs up" on the Facebook resume with one click. Job seekers can direct hiring managers to their Facebook resume by including the URL link on their Word resumes, within cover letters, or both.

This is just one of the tools that ResuWe offers their users in this extremely competitive job market. ResuWe allows users to upload and optimize their resume for free. Hiring managers will have access to both the Word resume and the Facebook resume. With the addition of the Facebook feature, is now a comprehensive job search website utilizing both basic job search tools and full social media capabilities. The site allows people to effortlessly integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and personal websites through a ResuWe vanity URL that can be included on their Word resumes.

While users have the option of keeping their profile and resume private, those who choose to have a public profile will benefit from allowing all potential employers to find their resume. Many employers specifically seek out passive job candidates through open web searches. Therefore, having a public profile will be a benefit even to those candidates who are not actively seeking a new position. Normally it can be awkward when a current employer discovers an employee's resume on a job board such as Monster because it indicates that they are actively searching for another position. However, a benefit of ResuWe is that because it is primarily a resume optimization and social networking site, it is acceptable to have a public resume on display.

Job seekers who take advantage of everything has to offer will have significant advantages over the average job candidate. The Facebook resume is easy to create, and it will catch the eye of hiring managers. Standing out amongst the competition with a professional, recommended, and validated resume is the best way to be noticed, interviewed, and hired.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Here's Who's Hiring in Chicago, IL

Here's Who's Hiring in Chicago, IL

When people get laid off or can't find work, a good choice for many is to go back to school. With the increase in students comes more jobs in education. The hiring company we will focus on today is Kaplan Education in Chicago, IL. The Kaplan website reads, "Since Kaplan’s founding in 1938, we have helped millions of students achieve their educational and career goals. Learn more about how we change lives through education. Kaplan Higher Education ( is a thriving division of Kaplan, Inc., ( and The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO). Our high professional standards have resulted in tremendous success -we now serve over 80,000 students on more than 70 campus-based and online schools across the United States and Europe." Sounds like a pretty good place to work.
Here is how you should go about getting a job at Kaplan:

1. Revise your resume at

2. Go to the Kaplan website and search for the open job which best fits your experience:^U/f_slp_rhc_k8nlJvmjgKJOJkql2eHZc/C6hbyltqSKWyVQA3S7EOySpwhfhyHUlenbsiPFIfb0_slp_rhc_z8DwCaY_C_R__L_F_UL7IzzM0QyGV5hoQWsFQSdu/mCNO0EI=&ref=10122009134622

3. Submit your resume via the Kaplan website for the position:^EPrsw4E0yHg478UWxKTlvnN0GOOZr9/MtJknUz5MaXHb2u5QR7sS1uuA4ZcuTu5HCAo4wUh0lr/h_C_R__L_F_Ivk6gDt29PIifGbPgTsQsUNdZHg4KOk=&RegType=SubmitNow

4. If you don't hear back from anyone within 48 hours and want to get a little more aggressive feel free to forward your resume directly to the possible hiring manager below. Again, make sure you attach your resume, inform the possible hiring manager of the position you are applying, let them know you already applied through the Kaplan website and educate them with a few highlights on why you are a great candidate for their open job.

Here are most of the open jobs currently on the Kaplan website with the possible hiring manager's name and email address. The Kaplan email format is a bit tricky so I included all of the possible email addresses per individual. Feel free to send your resume directly to all of the addresses. One of them will work.

Executive Director of Operations - Beth Hollenberg, Chief Operating Officer at Kaplan Higher Education Campuses

Director, New Media Product Development - Ranjan Daniels, Executive Director, New Product Development
Director of New Products - Karen Baldeschwieler, VP New Products & Business Development
Manager of Recruiting - School of Nursing - Sarah Riddile, Executive Director of Talent Development

Director of Academic Advising - Eric Kligman, Executive Director of Academic Advisors

Instructional Designer - Danielle (Tetzler) Mbadu, Manager, Instructional Design

Faculty Manager - Sally Beatty, Vice President Faculty Service

Faculty Member - Deborah Dahlen Zelechowski, VP of Faculty Development

Medical Program Manager - Cathy Goodman, Executive Director of Program Management

MBA - Director Development Program - Kira Brown, Director Development Program (more of a peer than a direct boss)

Associate Relationship Manager - Lindsey Wolf-DeKuiper, Relationship Manager

Director of Financial Aid - Elizabeth Mitchell, Associate Director of Financial Aid (not the direct manager buy maybe can get your resume in front of the VP of Financial Aid)

Curriculum Manager

Kathleen Prince, VP of Curriculum & Instruction
Jean Kotsiovos, Assistant Dean of Curriculum at Kapan University

Assistant Director for Regional Accreditation

Michael Machen, Director of Accreditation Responses
Albert Chan, Director of Quality and Accreditation

Technology Support Analyst - Joel Schaefer, Technology Director

Associate Director of Admissions
CampusVue Business Analyst, Admissions
Admissions Automation Systems Analyst

Najam Syed, Director of Admissions
Brett Sullivan, Executive Director of Admissions at Kaplan University
Erin Lough - Executive Director of Admissions Operations at Kaplan Higher Education

Group Controller - Mike Peyer, CFO

Executive Director of Operations - Beth Hollenberg, Chief Operating Officer

Friday, October 2, 2009

ResuWe with Willie Mays

Team goBalto is in the lead to win the new iPod Nano! Check out this great shot in front of AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants.

It's not too late to take the lead. Simply email a photo of yourself wearing your ResuWe t-shirt in front of a cool or unique regional location or landmark to

Don't have a ResuWe tee shirt? Log on to, get your resume PUBLISHED ONLINE, tweet your Profile through Twitter, and we will send you a free ResuWe t-shirt!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top 10 Highest Starting Salaries for College Graduates

If you are a college student and you aren't sure what to major in or what industry you're interested in, one thing you should take into consideration is what industries offer the highest starting salaries. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the following degrees offered the highest starting salaries to 2009 college graduates:

Highest Paying Degrees

10. Marketing and Marketing Management, average starting salary: $43,334

9. Business Administration and Business Management, average starting salary: $45,887

8. Accounting, average starting salary: $48,334

7. Information Sciences and Systems, average starting salary: $49,167

6. Economics and Finance, average starting salary: $49,794

5. Management Information Systems, average starting salary: $52,817

4. Computer Science, average starting salary: $56,128

3. Electrical Engineering, average starting salary: $57,404

2. Mechanical Engineering, average staring salary: $58,648

1. Computer Engineering, average starting salary: $59,803,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Here's who's hiring in Los Angeles, CA

Here's who's hiring in Los Angeles, CA

The holidays are coming and what better place to work than Mattel. With products like Hot Wheels, American Girl Dolls and Barbie, Mattel has nearly 2,000 employees working in El Segundo, CA. According to the Mattel website it's the employees', "creativity and talent that enables them to design, develop, and market our innovative toys. Much like our brands, our people also need development and growth opportunities. We believe that as our employees grow professionally, so will Mattel. Our comprehensive people development program addresses training, professional development, reward, and promotion." Sounds like a pretty good place to work.

Here are a few steps to assist you on getting an interview at Mattel:

1. Revise your resume at

2. Send your resume through the Mattel website for a job which fits your background.

Link to Mattel Corporate Employment website:

In addition, forward your resume directly to the Corporate Staffing department:
You can also forward your resume directly to the following staffing personnel:

Mita Crawford , Corporate Staffing

Trina Miyahara, Manager, Staffing Resources

Phil Hodges, Director, Corporate Staffing

Include your resume, position you are applying, and a brief paragraph on why you are a good fit.

3. If you don't hear back from anyone within 48 hours and want to get a little more aggressive feel free to forward your resume directly to the possible hiring manager below. Again, make sure you attach your ResuWe resume, inform the possible hiring manager of the position you are applying, let them know you already applied through the Mattel website and educate them with a few highlights on why you are a great candidate for their open job.
Here are most of the open jobs currently on the Mattel website in El Segundo, CA with the possible hiring manager's name and email address:

Live Entertainment Production Coordinator
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Maximina Juson, Producer at Mattel

Tiffany Shuttleworth, Producer

Manager / Sr Associate, Brands Strategic Planning
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Grant Beggs, Director Strategic Planning

Cathy Cheng Carberry, Manager, Corporate Strategic Planning at Mattel

Senior Patent Counsel


Landon Moreland, Senior Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs

Manager, Marketing - Softlines Licensing
Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Laura Takaragawa, Sr. Manager, Softlines Licensing

Brad Armistead, Senior Marketing Director at Mattel, Inc.

Project Manager, IT
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Manager IT
Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Director IT, Managed Services
Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Theresa Dawsey, Sr. Manager IT
Pete Nagel, Sr. Manager, IT Managed Services

Philip Moore, Senior Director IT

Michel Bernard, Vice President, International IT
Sr. Auditor
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Michael Palumbo, Director - Internal Audit

Stephen Blasich, Finance Manager

Industrial Engineer
Mattel, Inc. - El Segundo, CA

Sarah Hurzeler, Manager
Matt Miller, Director

Risk Management Manager/Specialist
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Rodney Davis, Senior Manager, Global Sustainability

David Ringe, IT Audit Manager

Manager Public Relations
Public Relations Assistant

Chris Volk, Director of Public Relations, Fight Unemployment.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

ResuWe in the Orange County Register

Jeff Schwartzman and Dan Boersma started in May.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Laguna Beach company offers job seekers resume/search help

The Orange County Register

Owners: Jeff Schwartzman and Dan Boersma

Business address: 1100 S. Coast Highway, Suite 212, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Geographic area served: National

Telephone: 949.682.5627

Web site:

Type of business: Free Resume, Job Search and Employment website

When opened: May 2009

Describe your business: is a free resume optimization and job search website. ResuWe also gives job seekers expert tips and tools on how to secure their next job. ResuWe will provide the job seeker with innovative tools such as a job search tracker and allow them to have more control over their job search. We are also working on an Employer / Staffing firm version of ResuWe.

Why did you start the business? We wanted to empower job seekers with the tools Recruiters have and help fight unemployment.

Your background: 25+ years of combined staffing industry experience.

How long did it take you to get from idea to open doors? 4 months from idea to Phase 1 launch.

Did you write a business plan? Yes. But the greatest thing about being a small business is we can change gears quickly when needed.

What is your advice for other business owners? Be patient and work harder than everyone else.

What was the biggest challenge you face in running your business? There are so many new features we want to release on ResuWe but can only work on one project at a time.

What is the most rewarding aspect? Hearing from the job seekers who used ResuWe that our site helped them secure their job.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here's who's hiring in Orange County, CA

If you live in Orange County and have ever looked for a job online you have probably run across Edwards LifeSciences. The Edwards website reads, "Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Edwards has more than 6,200 employees worldwide, selling medical technologies in nearly 100 countries with 2008 sales of $1.24 billion." Sure looks like a pretty good place to work.


1. First go to and update your resume for free.

2. Send your resume through the Edwards Career page -

3. Wait 24 hours.

4. Send your resume directly to the possible hiring manager below.

Write in the subject line your name, the title of the job you are applying and 4 number job code. It's also a good idea to write a few sentences about why you are a good fit for the job explaining recent relevant experiences which match the job. Mention in your email that you submitted your resume through the Edwards career link, but would very much like to be considered for the job.

Edwards Lifesciences is located at One Edwards Way in Irvine, CA 92614. The main phone number is: Phone: 949-250-2500.

Don't be scared you are doing something wrong by sending your resume directly to the hiring manager. You are not breaking any rules and after all, the hiring manager wants to fill his/her jobs and you want to find a new job. It's a win - win.

Here is the Edwards Lifesciences Policy Regarding Agencies and Recruiters:

Edwards Lifesciences does not accept referrals from agencies or recruiters
Resumes received by Edwards Lifesciences from search firms and/or individual recruiters are considered unsolicited
Agencies and recruiters should not contact managers directly to solicit job orders

Nowhere does it read that a job seeker isn't allowed to forward their resume directly to the hiring manager.

There are 37 open positions listed on the Edwards website. Below are the possible hiring managers for each open position. I categorized the open jobs into their possible departments, and listed several possible hiring managers and their subsequent email addresses below:


3581 Technical Supervisor Operations Irvine California
3603 Contract Specialist Administration Irvine California

Emil Ponso Contracts Manager Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Research and Development:

3225 Sr. Director, Research & Development Research & Development Irvine California
3588 Sr. Director, Heart Valve R&D Research & Development Irvine California
3650 Sr. Technician Research & Development Irvine California
3667 EW Distinguished Engineer Research & Development Irvine California

Don Bobo Corporate Vice President Heart Valve Edwards Lifesciences
Laksen Sirimanne Vice President R&D
David Taylor Director R&D Transcatheter Heart Valves


3416 Clinical Sales Specialist Sales Irvine California
3738 Sr. Sales Analyst Operations Irvine California

John Fitzgerald director of sales - Heart valve therapy Edwards Lifesciences
Steve Babyak VP Sales & Marketing, Vascular Therapies at Edwards Lifesciences
Philip Hill Territory Sales Manager at Edwards Lifesciences
Steve Fried Region Director of Sales, Western Area


3602 Product Manager Marketing Irvine California
3652 Sr. Product Manager Marketing Irvine California
3689 Sr Manager, Marketing Marketing Irvine California
3640 Associate Analyst, Business Systems Marketing Irvine California
3642 Sr. Global Product Manager Marketing Irvine California
3676 Director, Marketing Operations Marketing Irvine California
3424 Product Specialist (Nurse/CVT) Operations Irvine California
3546 Manager, Meetings and Conventions Marketing Irvine California

Kimberly Denney Director Clinical Marketing Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Mark Konno Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Morgan McKeown Global Product Manager Edwards
Dwight Rucker Marketing Manager Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Patricia Todd Senior Director, US Marketing Edwards
Bruce Van Sr. Manager, Global Marketing, Heart Val Edwards Lifesciences
John Zehren VP Sales and Marketing Edwards Lifesciences
Tricia Todd Vice President of Marketing, Transcatheter Heart Valves
Mark De Cecco Global Marketing Manager


3492 Principal Engineer Critical Care R&D Research & Development Irvine California
3606 Senior Quality Engineer Quality Irvine California
3503 Manufacturing Engineer - New Product Development Engineering - Manufacturing Irvine California
3532 Staff Manufacturing Engineer Engineering - Manufacturing Irvine California
3558 Senior Engineer Research & Development Irvine California
3653 Staff Engineer Engineering - Manufacturing Irvine California
3743 EW Manufacturing Engineer II Engineering - Manufacturing Irvine California

Jose Aguirre Senior Director, Manufacturing Edwards Lifesciences 949-250-2500
Lina Derderian Director of Engineering, R&D Critical Care Edwards Lifesciences
Robert Friedman Director of Engineering Edwards Lifesciences LLC
Orlando Guillory QE Manager - New Product Development Edwards Lifesciences
Jason Hart Manufacturing Manager Edwards Lifesciences
Ronn Hosmer Senior Manager, Engineering Edwards Lifesciences
Gregory Liburd Senior Manager, Engineering Edwards Lifesciences

Information Technology:

3511 Systems Administrator II Information Technology Irvine California
3557 Software Engineer Research & Development Irvine California
3226 Software Staff Engineer Research & Development Irvine California

Tony Aldemir Director Information Technology Edwards Lifesciences
Justin Stebbins Senior Director, Enterprise Applications Edwards Lifesciences
Carl Swindle Corporate Vice President, Technology and Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Brad Reece IT Manager at Edwards Lifesciences


3525 Tax Accountant Finance and Accounting Irvine California
3648 Sr. Financial Analyst, Corporate Accounting Finance and Accounting Irvine California

Hal Barnabas Director of Finance-GFM Group Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Keith Boothroyd Director of Finance Edwards Lifesciences
Juan Gonzalez VP Finance Edwards Lifesciences
Tim Heffron Manager of Cost Accounting Finance Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Veronica Martin Director of Financial Planning and Analy Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Regulatory Affairs:

3647 VP, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Clinical Affairs Irvine California
3654 Executive Assistant Regulatory Affairs Irvine California

Scott Beggins Vice President - Regulatory Affairs Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Nancy Cohen Manager, Regulatory Affairs Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Kevin Drisko Director Regulatory Affairs Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


3544 Sr. Assoc, Clinical Compliance Clinical Affairs Irvine California

Jodi Akin Vice President of Clinical Affairs Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Anne hurley Manager, Clinical Affairs Edwards
Hayim Zadaca Manager, Clinical Affairs Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Quality Assurance:

3678 Risk Management Clinician Quality Irvine California
3683 Department Specialist Quality Irvine California

Tom Altobelli Quality Manager Edwards Lifesciences
Vincent Cheung Manager Quality Operations Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Joanne Farley Senior Director Quality Assurance HVT Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Dennett Kouri Quality Director Edwards Lifesciences


3684 Corporate Recruiter Human Resources Irvine California
3685 Junior Recruiter / Sourcer Human Resources Irvine California
Mike Adamo Senior Manager, Recruiting

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Monday, September 21, 2009

ResuWe Interviewing & Job Search Podcast

The ResuWe Interviewing & Job Search Podcast is the first of a series of podcasts. This week's podcast features phone interviewing tips, followed by our 10 interviewing questions in 5 minutes segment, and concludes with our job search tip of the week.

You can easily download the podcast here or from the iTunes Store. Our podcasts are quick, to the point, and a must listen for anyone going through an interview process.

All Interview Questions have been provided by the Interview Pro iPhone App - You can download Interview Pro here or from the iPhone App Store.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top 4 Tips to Help College Students Find a Great Job

There are several things you can do as a college student to increase the chances of finding a job with a good company once you graduate. A complaint that many new graduates have is that they apply for entry level positions but often do not even receive interviews because they don’t have any work experience. Here are 4 Top Tips on what to do to increase your chances of landing a job after you graduate.

(1) Work or intern for a company in an industry related to your area of interest / college major

You can gain work experience in college either through jobs or internships. Internships are great because they allow you to try out different work environments and types of work so you have a good idea of the type of job you want to obtain once you graduate. The relevant work experience you gain through internships will give you something to put on your resume and will make you more of an asset to a company compared to other graduates who may have great GPAs but lack work experience. Ideally, the company you intern for will offer you a job once you graduate, if not your supervisor will at least serve as a good reference. While it may be tempting to make more money bar-tending or in a retail job, participating in unpaid or low paid jobs/internships gives you relevant work experience which is the key to finding a job once you graduate. It is much better to be an intern when you are a college student instead of interning once you graduate because you can’t find a decent job due to lack of relevant work experience.

(2) Get involved in leadership roles in college clubs/organizations

You should also get involved in leadership roles in clubs and organizations on campus. Companies like to see that you have developed leadership skills in college so these experiences will definitely be something you can include on your resume.

(3) Utilize your college career center to find jobs/internships and to practice interviews

Your college career center has many resources to offer. Not only do they assist you in finding jobs and internships both while you are in school and once you graduate, but they also will conduct practice job interviews . This will help you feel more comfortable and know what to expect when you go in for an actual job interview.

(4) Attend college career fairs

You should definitely attend career fairs when your school hosts them, because you will have the opportunity to speak with companies who are hiring. This is a great start to getting your resume out there for your job search.,

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

ResuWe is in the Orange County Register - 5 WORST resume mistakes and how to avoid them.

5 WORST resume mistakes and how to avoid them.
Orange County Register, September 5th, 2009, 10:00 am · Post a Comment · posted by Mary Ann Milbourn

When looking for a job, the first step is your resume. Having a well written professional looking resume will improve your chances of getting a new job. The job seeker needs to understand how a company views your resume. Most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to track and evaluate received resumes. The ATS digitizes your resume and ranks it based on the job description.

Here are the 5 WORST mistakes job seekers make on a resume and how to avoid them:

Improper Resume Template - Use MS Word doc only. MS Word doc files are the standard and easiest for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to upload and parse. If you use a PDF or web link the company will not be able to upload your resume into their ATS system and will simply delete your information.

No Keywords - You need to optimize your resume content and include as many keywords relating to your skills, experiences and technologies. When your resume is sent to a company, their ATS uses Boolean search strings and keyword matching technologies to score how your resume matches specific search criteria set for a position. If you don't include the relevant keywords your resume will be ranked lower and may not even be read.

Personal Information - If you feel compelled to list your hobbies, please don't mention Star Trek enthusiast, Spam throwing, or Hacky Sack record holder. Golf, running, and chess are safe. Also, provide links to your professional blog or Twitter page to promote your personal brand ONLY if you are 100% sure the content is professional.

Spelling Mistakes - Proofread. Since the company digitizes your resume into their ATS, spelling mistakes are even more obvious. Every text editor, MS Word, and Google Docs all have built in spell checkers. There are no excuses for typos!

Photos or Videos - Many companies have policies not to accept resume photos/videos for U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliance reasons.
Companies are challenged with the task of weeding through hundreds of resumes per day. They look at any distracting elements with scrutiny and interpret any nuances as a reason you are detracting from the content of your resume.

A resume screener is looking for any reason to reject your candidacy. Your resume has about 5-10 seconds of the person's time to show how you best fit their open job. Don't get deleted.

Dan Boersma is a recruiter who co-founded Laguna Source, a full time biotechnology and pharmaceutical staffing company and just launched, a free resume optimization and job search website. He also has a blog,

Link to OC Register Article:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Hiring Manager's Contact Information - - LABOR DAY SPECIAL

Free Hiring Manager's Contact Information - - LABOR DAY SPECIAL is free to use and dedicated to fighting unemployment. In honor of Labor Day we are giving away FREE hiring manager's email addresses to the first 100 new users. This is a VERY limited offer and the free hiring manager email address is only for the next 100 people who complete a SIGN UP TODAY!

Here is how it works:

1. Go to and upload your resume for Free.

2. Follow the ResuWe instructions on how to best optimize your resume.

3. Complete the full ResuWe profile including a personal ResuWe vanity URL.

4. Look for an open job on

5. Email us the open job directly. Send to:

6. We reply with the possible hiring manager's email address., fight unemployment.

Limit 1 free email address per user. Users must complete a full unique ResuWe profile to be eligible. uses advanced technologies to determine possible company hiring managers email addresses. If we are unable to verify and/or determine a possible hiring manager email address you are eligible to receive a free ResuWe t-shirt. Offer expires Wednesday, September 9th. Happy Labor Day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ResuWe is Online!!!

We've launched!!! Please check out!

Friday, August 28, 2009

ResuWe in Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot!

Fighting unemployment

A new résumé-building company will, fittingly, open for business in Laguna Beach just in time for Labor Day., a free online résumé building company, will hold its launch party at 4 p.m. Wednesday at its offices, 1100 S. Coast Hwy, Suite 212.

According to Jeff Schwartzman, co-founder of, the company is not your average résumé service.

“We’re doing this from a recruiter’s perspective and bring a combined 25 years of experience in the industry,” said Schwartzman. “We’re fighting unemployment by showing people how to position themselves properly in a job search. We know how employers and other recruiters think.”

The business, which will run solely online, allows job seekers the chance to upload their current résumé and have it reformatted and restructured in a way the company feels will yield the best results.

Founded by Schwartzman and Dan Boersma, the company plans to use new technology to pinpoint key elements of a résumé and rebuild it with minimal data entry.

“[Our service] uses advanced parsing software which allow the user to easily optimize their résumé. The ResuWe résumé will also be formatted based on the standards preferred by industry hiring managers and HR professionals,” said Boersma.

The service will initially include insider tips, articles and blogs meant to ease the job search, with plans to evolve the site into one in which anyone can search for jobs, receive tips on preparing a cover letter, and download podcasts to listen on the way to a job interview., which is under the same ownership as Laguna Source, a national search firm specializing in full time permanent placement, also aims to show its clients how to transfer their résumé online in an effective way.

“Many résumés that look great in Word do not display well in HTML,” said Boersma. “ResuWe allows you to download your résumé as a Word document that displays well in Applicant Tracking Systems that companies use to filter résumés.”

Users of the site will also be able to incorporate social media into their online profile — something that is becoming less of a novelty and more of a necessity in today’s active online networking world. Twitter and blogs can be displayed as RSS feeds on users’ profiles with users given the ability to control their privacy settings from displaying a full résumé to a minimal profile.

The launch party feature discussions on how to fight unemployment and a demonstration by Boersma and Schwartzman on how to use the site. The event is free, and food and cocktails will be served. Parking is also provided.

For more information visit or to RSVP to the event contact Shannon MacKenzie at (949) 715-9191 or

Thursday, August 20, 2009 Launch Party on 9/2 at 4:00 pm

Click on the image for details. Please RSVP for the launch party!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Part 2 - How to search and apply for a job online

You already sent your resume through the company website. You may have received an auto-reply but have no idea if your resume was viewed or by whom. It's time to get more aggressive. We are still using the company Zynga as an example.

Go to the Zynga website and look for names of possible hiring managers for the Accountant position. Go to the "About Us" or "Management" toolbar on the website ( and determine who may be the hiring manager. Since you are an Accountant and you know the hierarchy of the accounting department you eventually would report on up to the CFO. Listed in the "About Zynga" page is the bio of the CFO, Mark Vranseh. Mark is a possible hiring manager for the Accountant position.

Now go to the "Contact Us" page of the website. Determine how their email addresses are formatted. Sometimes there are contacts in the site which allow you to deduct the email addresses of the employees. On Zynga there is no such luck. However, go to Google and type in Navigate through the pages and determine if there are any email addresses to employees of Zynga. After investigating Google it appears their email address format is:

Now go to LinkedIn and select Advanced Search. In the company section select Zynga (current company only) and keywords accounting or finance. You pull up several people who work in accounting at Zynga (Alyson Miller, Brian Noriega, Todd Freedman). You determine the email addresses for these individuals should be,, and These individuals may not be the hiring manager but by sending your cover letter (how to write a cover letter: and optimized keyword rich resume you can greatly increase your chances of having your resume sent and read by the hiring manager for the position.

Just don't over do a rule of thumb it's NOT a good idea to send your resume to more than 5 contacts at the company nor to send it to employees who are in no way connected to the job.,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Part 1 - How to search and apply for a job online

Let's say you are an Accountant living in San Francisco. You have 2 years of experience and a Bachelor's Degree. You want to stay within the city and enjoy working in the start up atmosphere.

First, go online to or (the sites aggregate all the job boards to one site). Select the Advanced Search feature. In the title section write Accountant. Change the search parameters to match your geographic boundaries, select whether you want to see staffing company jobs and click Find Jobs. Scroll through the listed positions and select the ones that you feel are a good fit.

You search the web site and feel you are best suited for an Accountant position at a start up company in San Francisco called Zynga. The positions listed on the Job Aggregator Sites are sometimes republished and aren't as heavily monitored, so to double check make sure you go to the company's website and see if the position is listed ( Go to the careers / jobs section of the site ( and view the open positions. The Accounting job is still active on the website.

Now it's time to optimize your resume based on the the job description (below). Adding keywords gives your resume higher ranking on company's Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Companies use an ATS to keep track of submitted resumes and rank each applicant. Most ATSs have a ranking based on keywords. Before you submit a resume to an online job post you need to cater your resume to the specific job. Some ATSs use a weighted keyword system. For example, the job title of an applicant may carry more weight on the ranking than the other information or a specific requirement may be a "must have" for the job and the ATS only ranks those who have that specific skill and dumps the rest.

Read the job description below:
In the responsibilities and skills a few key words stand out. First, make sure you have in your previous position the job title of Accountant. Also if there is an objective part of your resume make sure you add that you are seeking an Accountant position in a start-up environment. The job you are applying to says you will be responsible for monthly reconciliations of bank accounts, accruals, and prepaid items. If you have performed these duties in the past make sure you write in the body of your resume that you have performed monthly reconciliations of bank accounts, accruals, and prepaid items. Also add as many of the key terms in the job description which you have performed on to your resume. Sounds like a no-brainer but add as many keywords to your resume in order to optimize your resume and have it rank higher on the company ATS. Do this for every job you apply to online.

Now that your resume is optimized for this job you can apply directly to the job via the Zynga website. It's also a good idea to keep track of the job to which you applied and the day/time you sent your resume.

Job Description from the Zynga website:


Are you someone who dreams in numbers and would love to join a fast paced, high energy accounting team?

We are looking for an Accountant who isn't afraid to roll up their sleeves. This person will be a valuable member of the accounting team, assist facilitating projects for the Finance team as well as perform data entry tasks.


Perform general ledger and month-end closing activities including journal entries, adjustments, accruals and account reconciliations Organize and maintain accounting records Monthly reconciliations of bank accounts, accruals, and prepaid items Assist in fixed asset tracking projects Provide support for financial statement audits and tax return preparation Assist in other accounting and finance special projects as needed Ensure compliance with all applicable finance policies, rules, regulation and laws Participate in technology changes and upgrades Gain experience in a wide breadth of accounting and finance areas

Required Skills:

Bachelors in Accounting required 1-2 years of professional working experience On track for a CPA Must be a fast learner, reliable, with a professional attitude Exceptional organization and time management skills Strong research and technical skills, experience working with systems and data Ability to initiate communication, effectively follow through and provide status updates Proven track record of work efficiency Intermediate+ level experience with Microsoft Excel and Word Ability to work productively in a dynamic environment and be a solutions-oriented team player
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