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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Google Wave for Recruiting? What are the Possibilities?

There is a new swell coming, not the 4-6' waves hitting the south facing beaches. Google just announced Google Wave, a new model for communication and collaboration on the web. Google Wave is a real-time communication platform comprising of Waves, Wavelets, Blips, Documents, Extensions, Robots, and Gadgets.

What does all this do? The Google Wave will run within a standard web browser, be easy to use like email (or Gmail), allow for easy document collaboration, allow the use of 3rd party applications (extensions), and integrate with social media...all in real time!

We've been brainstorming multiple ways Google Wave can be applied to recruiting processes. Here are a few:

1 on 1 phone interview/prescreening - A phone interview is often the first step of the recruiting process where a recruiter or hiring manager gathers preliminary info from an applicant and adds notes written directly on a printed resume or typed into an ATS/Applicant Tracking System. The interviewer also shares the job description with an applicant and will discuss additional info on the position and company.

Using drag and drop file sharing within Google Wave, the interviewer and the applicant can easily conduct this phone or Wave interview within a Wave. Interview questions can be discussed and embedded onto the applicant's resume document in real time. The Interviewer can also share the job description, company information (benefits info, photos from the holiday party, equipment specs., etc.) with the applicant within this Wave.

Group interview - Similar to a phone interview, multiple interviewers from a company can participate in a Wave real-time via a conference call or through the use of an online voice support gadget (Skype, Google Talk, etc.). The applicant can give an online presentation and multiple interviewer participants can ask a series of questions about various subjects while easily referring to the applicant's resume, product portfolio, technical specs, job description, etc.

Interviewer participants can also take notes in the form of private replies and easily schedule an applicant review meeting to discuss applicant feedback. The ability to schedule online group interviews with immediate applicant review meetings will surely speed up recruiting processes.

Connecting with candidates - Everyone has their preferred communication method including email, IM, twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Google Wave extensions will allow the ability to boolean search candidates from multiple online sources and make contact with candidates quick and easy. A recruiter can search for candidates utilizing Twitter and invite the candidate to a Wave interview via a Twave.

Applicants with online resumes or blogs can embed a link, "Interview me via Wave". The interviewer will have the applicant's resume ready to go and share the job description from the company. Both the applicant and the interviewer will
instantaneously work within a Wave which will contain the applicant's resume plus the company job description.

Wave career fair - A company can create an online career fair booth with company info, job descriptions, video presentations, and company representatives. Hiring managers and Human Resource professionals can be available to answer questions and receive drag and drop resumes.

International recruiting - Google Wave integrates real-time character by character foreign language translation.

The Google Wave gives us a lot to digest over the next few months. Google Wave will also work on iPhones and Android phones. Now I just need a waterproof case so I can review applicants from my surfboard between sets.

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