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Monday, June 1, 2009

Why ResuWe?

Why ResuWe? Why another new career site?

We are experienced agency recruiters continuously reviewing resumes needing improvement. We see firsthand what formats, styles, content, and layouts produce the best results through our workings directly with HR professionals and hiring managers. Too often we see top applicants with exceptional experience fall short in the job search process due to a poorly written or formatted resume. In many cases it is an applicant with a stable work history who is not experienced as a job seeker.

We feel the need to leverage our knowledge directly to applicants. At the same time, we will help other recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers search and receive higher quality, fact rich resumes without compromising content, integrity, or privacy.

We also see firsthand the frustration job seekers go through, whether being out of work or employed. ResuWe's features will span beyond Resume building and fine tuning. It will also help job seekers manage their search utilizing the best information and technologies available. ResuWe is open and 100% free.

We look forward to launching ResuWe and helping applicants, companies, and recruiters see better results.


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