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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don't Get Fired before you get Hired

Currently employed but looking for a new job? These tips can make sure you don't set off any online alarms with your boss.

With so much electronic information around us, it's difficult to know who can see your information and who can't. When looking for a job the last thing you want is to have your current employer find out you are unhappy. I speak with many job seekers as well as view hundreds of resumes every day. I notice quite a few errors on job seekers behalf when they try to keep their search confidential. Here are a few helpful tips that can make sure you don't jeopardize your current job before finding a new one.

Phone Number - Use your mobile phone as your job search phone number. This way you can easily track any incoming and outgoing calls as well as have better control over receiving messages. You can also have access to your email via your phone while at work without using the company computer. Additionally, using your mobile phone number is an easy way for you to walk out of your work area if you need to field a call. You can always use a land line if you are speaking with a potential employer for a phone interview.

Email Address - Remove any email address from your resume which has multiple users or a silly name. Set up a designated job search related email account (Gmail is best). Don't include your full name in this email address. Make sure you put this email address on your resume and remove the old one. This will allow you to both have better tracking of the jobs you applied to, and not have personal email traffic on this address. You can keep this email address open even after you find a new job.

Online Resumes - It's tough sometimes to remember which job boards have your old resume. If you set up a new job search account using one of the job boards make sure you don't upload your Word resume with your name and contact information. You may not be able to see your contact information but an employer or recruiter who has a job search account with the job board can see your person information if you do this. Also, you may want to take out your current company's name on your updated resume. Just put "confidential" in the company name box. You can disclose this information when someone contacts you directly. Make sure your current company name is not in the text of your resume as well.

References - Rather than listing your references as an additional page on your resume simply put, "will provide upon request" if you feel the need to have this on your resume. The last thing you want to do is list your current bosses name and number on your reference page of your resume.

Twitter - Set your privacy settings so you have to approve anyone who follows you. Also, block anyone who currently follows you and is a work related connection from receiving your tweets.

Facebook - Change your privacy settings to allow only your friends to view your communications. If you are Facebook Friends with your boss or work colleagues they will be able to view your communications even though you changed your privacy settings. It is better to simply remove any work related connections from your Facebook Friends.

MySpace - Not sure if anyone uses this site anymore, but set your privacy settings so only your friends can see you. Again, if you are friends with any colleagues / bosses make sure you remove them from your friend list.

With the current job market there are a lot of potential candidates out there for every open position. Don't make a silly mistake and become an unemployment statistic. unemployment.

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