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Monday, July 27, 2009

Fight Unemployment - Aggressive Tips for Online Job Seekers

For many job seekers, using job boards can be frustrating. The ease of applying to a job is sometimes overshadowed by the lack of correspondence. You send your resume out to numerous jobs and have no idea if your resume was ever read. Traditional job boards don't give you any resume tracking ability or knowledge if your resume was viewed. You may receive an auto-reply from the company but the email address will be a do not reply to this email. What is the job seeker to do in order to have more power when it comes to your job search? Here are a few Do's and DONT's related to your online job search.

First, when you apply to a job your resume goes to a Recruiter or Human Resources (HR) person within the company. That person uploads your resume into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which parses your resume into the company database. They will determine if your resume is a good fit based on the job description. Your resume will than be forwarded to the hiring manager for review.

DON'T send your resume multiple times to a job. The HR / Recruiter is the gatekeeper and they don't want to do extra work by attempting to upload your resume and it's already in their database attached to a job. If you haven't received feedback or the job has been open for an extended period of time you need to take another approach.

DO follow up with the company directly. Go to the company website and view the jobs / career page. Depending on the size of the company there may be a human resources email address. If there is a page that links you to an ATS (such as Taleo) you can still follow up with HR/Recruiting directly. The most common email formats for HR/Recruiting are:

You can determine the domain by the website address. For example, if the company's website is the emails will be or or When you follow up with HR / Recruiting don't just say I sent my resume and I wanted to know if there was any interest. Make sure you include the day you sent your resume, the job you applied to (including job number), a copy of your resume and write out a few specifics on why you feel you are a good candidate for the job (cover letter). Include your phone number and email address and include availability for an interview (phone or in-person) with your email. Since this is going to the gatekeeper you still need to sell them on why you are a great fit.

DON'T call HR / Recruiting at the company. First off if you call the company main line and ask for HR you will get transferred to a voice mail which will instruct you to contact HR via email. If you happen to reach someone at the company they will have no idea who you are and ask you to communicate via email.

DO join a professional social networking website such as LinkedIn or Plaxo. Type in the company name in the search and determine if you know anyone at the company. Make your former colleagues do a little leg work for you. Contact your former colleagues and let them know you applied to a job within the organization and ask if they can get your resume in front of the right people. Make sure you include the job you applied to, date you applied, job number, resume and cover letter with your correspondence.

DO get aggressive. If you still haven't heard any feedback and the job is still posted online you can use the same professional social networking sites to determine possible hiring managers for the position. Most companies have employee email formats such as first initial last name or similar. When you send an email to the possible hiring manager make sure you let them know you already applied to the position online and include the same information (date sent, job applied to, resume, cover letter, contact information, etc.) that you sent to HR / Recruiting. HR / Recruiting policies at companies do not prohibit unsolicited resumes directly from job seekers.

DON'T call the hiring manager or send countless emails. If you call the manager most likely he/she will be working and not have time to talk to you. Also, phones have caller ID and if you call them constantly they will think you are a stalker. Take your job search into your own hands and get aggressive.


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