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Monday, July 20, 2009

Google Voice Features for Job Seekers

Google just sent out invites for the highly anticipated Google Voice service. Google Voice allows you to create one universal phone number for all your calls. It also has an easy to use web-based interface similar to Gmail which manages numerous telecommunications features.

Below is a breakdown of the best Google Voice features a job seeker can utilize to improve their search efforts:

Universal Number - A job seeker can simply list their one Google Voice number on top of their resume instead of their home, cell, and office numbers. This universal number can be set to ring multiple numbers simultaneously so an employer is sure to get a hold of you if it is set to ring your cell, office, and home lines. You can answer a call on any of your phones and you can even...

Switch Phones During a Call - This is a very cool feature if an employer or recruiter calls on your office line but need to speak privately. You can easily switch your phone from your office line to cell and step outside.

Voicemail Transcripts - By far the coolest feature! Voicemail transcripts will list your voicemails from within your online inbox, essentially converting a voicemail to an email. Voicemail notifications with transcripts are also sent to your email and as an SMS text message on your cell. This is a key feature for an employed job seeker helping ensure privacy and while on a confidential job search.

Universal Number Area Code - You are able to create your own phone number from scratch (based on availability) when setting up your account. You can choose to integrate a text string for a vanity number or choose by any US area code. If you are targeting relocation to Orange County, CA, you should set up your number with a 949 area code.

Ring Schedule - Each phone number has its own advanced settings so phones can be designated to ring at different times. You can ring your office line from 8-5, your cell during your drive times, and home line at night.

Call Widgets - A job seeker with an online resume can embed a Call Widget featuring a "Call Me" graphic with Name and Number form fields. An employer can simply auto dial the job seeker from their own phone. will have this covered!

Overall Google Voice offers an easy way for job seekers to create, use, and manage their telecommunications using one number. Google voice offers almost any advanced feature imaginable from managing groups, multiple rings, and personalized greetings. iPhone users can download the app GV Mobile which manages Google Voice from the iPhone.

I hear Phone Number Porting is in the works since it would be great if you could use your existing cell number.

To get started you need to receive an invite which may not be instant - Google Voice invitation request. Good luck!


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