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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How Will Google Chrome OS Effect Recruiting?

Yesterday Google introduced the Google Chrome OS - This announcement is a logical progression in the course of Google's product developments over the past few years including Google Desktop, Docs, Chrome Browser, and Wave.

The open source Linux based Google Chrome OS will be a cost effective alternative to Windows and Mac based Operating Systems running the MS Office Suite. It will also offer additional freedoms for working remotely from multiple desktops, Netbooks, and Tablet PCs. A few game changing questions come to mind for recruiting?

Will MS Word continue to be the standard format for submitting and receiving resumes?
- Google Docs could now be a standalone application and more widely accepted for generating and receiving resumes.

Will Google Calendar take users away from MS Outlook?
- MS Outlook is heavily used by recruiters and hiring managers to determine availability and schedule interviews.

Will the Google Chrome OS open the doors for mass acceptance of Tablet PCs and Netbooks?
- Tablet PCs and eReaders running a light fast OS would be an ideal tool for recruiters to quickly review and screen resumes.

Will Google Wave become an integral communication tool for recruiting applications?
- Possible Google Wave recruiting applications involve facilitating virtual group interviewing & pre-screening, online career fairs, and international recruiting -

Will the Chrome Browser force Applicant Tracking Systems to become web based and Chrome browser compliant?

- A web based ATS running within the Chrome browser on PCs, Netbooks, and Tablet PCs integrating with Google Docs & Google Calendar could be a killer and easy to use sourcing tool!

Google expects to release the Google Chrome OS the second half of 2010. For now, we have a year to ponder the possibilities.


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