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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is the best day to follow up on a resume?

Tuesday is absolutely the best day to follow up on a resume submission! I find that I am slammed on Friday by job seekers calling me to follow up on resumes I have submitted on their behalf to my clients. On that same note, I am tempted to make Friday my "Follow-up Friday". Here is why Tuesday works best (and why Friday does not):

- Employers and recruiters usually reserve Monday to check emails, return calls, and transition back from weekend mode to work mode.
- By Tuesday, a recruiter's desk is usually clear and organized. It is the beginning of the the workweek and employers, recruiters, and hiring managers are fresh, focused, attentive, and responsive.
- When a job seeker follows up with a recruiter, the recruiter may need to check the status with a hiring manager. It's much easier for a recruiter to connect with a hiring manager on a Tuesday than on a Friday.
- I you are a job seeker and a recruiter can't give you an answer on a Tuesday, offer to check back in 48 hours. Now you can check back 2 days later on Thursday. You cannot use this technique on a "Follow-up Friday".
- Similarly, a Recruiter can easily get results or feedback from a hiring manager at the beginning of the workweek on Tuesday.
- Very few people will take a Tuesday off compared to a Monday or Friday. Many people don't work Friday, take half-day Friday, or are simply burnt out from a hectic workweek.

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