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Friday, August 28, 2009

ResuWe in Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot!

Fighting unemployment

A new résumé-building company will, fittingly, open for business in Laguna Beach just in time for Labor Day., a free online résumé building company, will hold its launch party at 4 p.m. Wednesday at its offices, 1100 S. Coast Hwy, Suite 212.

According to Jeff Schwartzman, co-founder of, the company is not your average résumé service.

“We’re doing this from a recruiter’s perspective and bring a combined 25 years of experience in the industry,” said Schwartzman. “We’re fighting unemployment by showing people how to position themselves properly in a job search. We know how employers and other recruiters think.”

The business, which will run solely online, allows job seekers the chance to upload their current résumé and have it reformatted and restructured in a way the company feels will yield the best results.

Founded by Schwartzman and Dan Boersma, the company plans to use new technology to pinpoint key elements of a résumé and rebuild it with minimal data entry.

“[Our service] uses advanced parsing software which allow the user to easily optimize their résumé. The ResuWe résumé will also be formatted based on the standards preferred by industry hiring managers and HR professionals,” said Boersma.

The service will initially include insider tips, articles and blogs meant to ease the job search, with plans to evolve the site into one in which anyone can search for jobs, receive tips on preparing a cover letter, and download podcasts to listen on the way to a job interview., which is under the same ownership as Laguna Source, a national search firm specializing in full time permanent placement, also aims to show its clients how to transfer their résumé online in an effective way.

“Many résumés that look great in Word do not display well in HTML,” said Boersma. “ResuWe allows you to download your résumé as a Word document that displays well in Applicant Tracking Systems that companies use to filter résumés.”

Users of the site will also be able to incorporate social media into their online profile — something that is becoming less of a novelty and more of a necessity in today’s active online networking world. Twitter and blogs can be displayed as RSS feeds on users’ profiles with users given the ability to control their privacy settings from displaying a full résumé to a minimal profile.

The launch party feature discussions on how to fight unemployment and a demonstration by Boersma and Schwartzman on how to use the site. The event is free, and food and cocktails will be served. Parking is also provided.

For more information visit or to RSVP to the event contact Shannon MacKenzie at (949) 715-9191 or

Thursday, August 20, 2009 Launch Party on 9/2 at 4:00 pm

Click on the image for details. Please RSVP for the launch party!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Part 2 - How to search and apply for a job online

You already sent your resume through the company website. You may have received an auto-reply but have no idea if your resume was viewed or by whom. It's time to get more aggressive. We are still using the company Zynga as an example.

Go to the Zynga website and look for names of possible hiring managers for the Accountant position. Go to the "About Us" or "Management" toolbar on the website ( and determine who may be the hiring manager. Since you are an Accountant and you know the hierarchy of the accounting department you eventually would report on up to the CFO. Listed in the "About Zynga" page is the bio of the CFO, Mark Vranseh. Mark is a possible hiring manager for the Accountant position.

Now go to the "Contact Us" page of the website. Determine how their email addresses are formatted. Sometimes there are contacts in the site which allow you to deduct the email addresses of the employees. On Zynga there is no such luck. However, go to Google and type in Navigate through the pages and determine if there are any email addresses to employees of Zynga. After investigating Google it appears their email address format is:

Now go to LinkedIn and select Advanced Search. In the company section select Zynga (current company only) and keywords accounting or finance. You pull up several people who work in accounting at Zynga (Alyson Miller, Brian Noriega, Todd Freedman). You determine the email addresses for these individuals should be,, and These individuals may not be the hiring manager but by sending your cover letter (how to write a cover letter: and optimized keyword rich resume you can greatly increase your chances of having your resume sent and read by the hiring manager for the position.

Just don't over do a rule of thumb it's NOT a good idea to send your resume to more than 5 contacts at the company nor to send it to employees who are in no way connected to the job.,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Part 1 - How to search and apply for a job online

Let's say you are an Accountant living in San Francisco. You have 2 years of experience and a Bachelor's Degree. You want to stay within the city and enjoy working in the start up atmosphere.

First, go online to or (the sites aggregate all the job boards to one site). Select the Advanced Search feature. In the title section write Accountant. Change the search parameters to match your geographic boundaries, select whether you want to see staffing company jobs and click Find Jobs. Scroll through the listed positions and select the ones that you feel are a good fit.

You search the web site and feel you are best suited for an Accountant position at a start up company in San Francisco called Zynga. The positions listed on the Job Aggregator Sites are sometimes republished and aren't as heavily monitored, so to double check make sure you go to the company's website and see if the position is listed ( Go to the careers / jobs section of the site ( and view the open positions. The Accounting job is still active on the website.

Now it's time to optimize your resume based on the the job description (below). Adding keywords gives your resume higher ranking on company's Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Companies use an ATS to keep track of submitted resumes and rank each applicant. Most ATSs have a ranking based on keywords. Before you submit a resume to an online job post you need to cater your resume to the specific job. Some ATSs use a weighted keyword system. For example, the job title of an applicant may carry more weight on the ranking than the other information or a specific requirement may be a "must have" for the job and the ATS only ranks those who have that specific skill and dumps the rest.

Read the job description below:
In the responsibilities and skills a few key words stand out. First, make sure you have in your previous position the job title of Accountant. Also if there is an objective part of your resume make sure you add that you are seeking an Accountant position in a start-up environment. The job you are applying to says you will be responsible for monthly reconciliations of bank accounts, accruals, and prepaid items. If you have performed these duties in the past make sure you write in the body of your resume that you have performed monthly reconciliations of bank accounts, accruals, and prepaid items. Also add as many of the key terms in the job description which you have performed on to your resume. Sounds like a no-brainer but add as many keywords to your resume in order to optimize your resume and have it rank higher on the company ATS. Do this for every job you apply to online.

Now that your resume is optimized for this job you can apply directly to the job via the Zynga website. It's also a good idea to keep track of the job to which you applied and the day/time you sent your resume.

Job Description from the Zynga website:


Are you someone who dreams in numbers and would love to join a fast paced, high energy accounting team?

We are looking for an Accountant who isn't afraid to roll up their sleeves. This person will be a valuable member of the accounting team, assist facilitating projects for the Finance team as well as perform data entry tasks.


Perform general ledger and month-end closing activities including journal entries, adjustments, accruals and account reconciliations Organize and maintain accounting records Monthly reconciliations of bank accounts, accruals, and prepaid items Assist in fixed asset tracking projects Provide support for financial statement audits and tax return preparation Assist in other accounting and finance special projects as needed Ensure compliance with all applicable finance policies, rules, regulation and laws Participate in technology changes and upgrades Gain experience in a wide breadth of accounting and finance areas

Required Skills:

Bachelors in Accounting required 1-2 years of professional working experience On track for a CPA Must be a fast learner, reliable, with a professional attitude Exceptional organization and time management skills Strong research and technical skills, experience working with systems and data Ability to initiate communication, effectively follow through and provide status updates Proven track record of work efficiency Intermediate+ level experience with Microsoft Excel and Word Ability to work productively in a dynamic environment and be a solutions-oriented team player

Monday, August 17, 2009

How to find a job today!

Don't take the rest of the summer off! Companies are finally hiring and the last thing you want to do is wait another day. Hiring managers are fed up with having unfilled requisitions and their employees being stretched thin due to the increased workload from the lack of staff. Stop making excuses and find a job now!

Here's how:


The first thing you need to do is write or optimize your current resume. Most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and they input your resume into their internal system. The ATS deconstructs your resume and ranks your background based on how many keywords your resume contains. You can impact the number of keywords the ATS reads simply by writing the keywords into the resume body before you submit it to the company. will allow you to optimize your resume and add/subtract keywords with ease.

Work with the Right Person:

When dealing with anything in life it's always best to work with the decision maker. How many times have you been frustrated working with a non-decision maker only to ask for a supervisor and the problem is resolved? The same goes for your job search. Why would you keep performing the same actions and expect different results? When looking for a job you need to work with the RIGHT PERSON. The right person is the HIRING MANAGER.

Online Job Boards:

Job Boards are a great resource for finding your next job. While optimizing your resume will help it's ATS ranking, you need to make sure your resume gets to the Hiring Manager. By all means, send your resume through the job advertisement. That way your resume is at least in the company's system. It also gives you an excuse to follow up with the hiring manager. When you determine the possible hiring manager you can inform them that you already sent your resume to the company, but felt you were a good fit for the job. Include the reasoning and attach a Word copy of your resume with the correspondence.


Determine the competitors or firms that performed similar duties to your current/previous company. Make a list of these companies and go to their websites. Find any open jobs which may be a good fit and submit your resume through the website. Also, determine who the hiring managers are at these organizations and forward your resume directly to them. Inform them of your relevant experience by making sure to include your current / last company's name and your role in the cover letter. If the competitor companies don't have any jobs available you STILL want to find out who the possible hiring managers are and send them your resume. Just because there isn't a job posted doesn't mean a hiring manager won't create a job if they receive a qualified resume directly from someone who can significantly improve their team.


Search for relevant professional groups in your area or online. Join these groups. If they have monthly meetings go to the meetings. Before you go, try to find out the companies of the group members who may be in attendance. Go to these company websites and look for jobs which match your background. Write down these jobs and bring a list with you to the meeting. Also, bring a few copies of your resume along with possible hiring manager names for the openings. Talk to the group members and ask them who is the hiring manager for the job and ask if they can get your resume in front of that person. If they tell you to apply online they are brushing you off. Move onto the next person.

Working with Recruiters / Staffing Agencies:

It's fine to work with Recruiters. The good thing about using a Recruiter is the company is willing to pay a recruiter fee to hire employees. Also, Recruiters work and know the hiring manager for the position. However, you have to remember Recruiters are client specific and fill jobs for their clients versus having multiple jobs for you individually. Don't get your feelings hurt if a Recruiter doesn't call you back because you aren't a good fit for the job. Move on.

Job Fairs:

Rather than spend your time and money at job fairs, why not just find the companies who are attending a job fair in your area and submit your resume via their website? The only people in the booth are Human Resources or Internal Company Recruiters. These are the same people who review the resumes sent to the company website. You want to get your resume in front of the Hiring Manager. Hiring Managers are NOT at job fairs. Save your money and time wasted standing in line.

The time for you to take your job search into your own hands is NOW!,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orange County, CA - Who's Hiring?

ResuWe is dedicated to fighting unemployment. ResuWe is not just another resume website. We want to teach the job seeker aggressive ways to find a new job. ResuWe was founded by leading agency recruiters who feel the need to empower the job seeker with proven tactics used by successful recruiters. One of these tactics is working directly with the hiring manager of the company. How many times have you sent a resume to a job listed online for which you felt you were a great fit and never received a reply? By sending your resume directly to the hiring manager it eliminates the middle man and streamlines the hiring process. Company policies regarding receiving unsolicited resumes ONLY restrict resumes received from recruiting firms. NO WHERE does it read that companies are not allowed to accept resumes directly from individuals. Companies should be grateful that we are giving you this information. After all, it saves the company money by not having to pay recruiter's fees as well as filling their open jobs.

The company we are highlighting today is Masimo Corporation headquartered in Irvine, CA. Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) is a global medical technology company that develops and manufactures innovative noninvasive patient monitoring technologies, including medical devices and a wide array of sensors (from the Masimo website). Masimo currently has 39 open jobs on their website (listed below). We've selected a few of these jobs and given you the name and email of the potential hiring manager. If you feel you are a good fit for one of the selected jobs send a cover letter and Word copy of your resume with your name, job applied to and why you feel you are a good fit for the job to the potential hiring manager listed below. Here is a link to a previous blog post about how to write a cover letter You may want to tweak your resume a bit to highlight specific experiences related to each position you apply. Here is a link to a recent blog post on how to make your resume as key word rich as possible and increase your chances of getting your resume noticed

Link to website:

Company Location and Phone Number:
Masimo Corporation (HeadQuarters)
40 Parker
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 297-7000

Website jobs link:;jsessionid=D05F3B6682E7AB1EBAF0D49011DB999D.NA11_primary_jvm?org=MASIMO&cws=1

Current Open Jobs in Irvine, CA from The Masimo website:

*Accounts Payable Clerk - Greg McSwain, Assistant Controller, Email:

*Accounts Receivable Specialist - Raz Itzhaki, Finance Manager, Email:

*Algorithm Engineer - Ryan McHale, Advanced Algorithm Engineer, Email:

*Associate Electronics Engineer - Andy Gameline, Director, Engineering, Email:

*Associate General Counsel - Steve Moran, EVP General Counsel, Email:

*Buyer/Planner - Karen Vaillancourt, Sr. Buyer/Planner, Email:

*Chief Operations Officer (COO) -
*Chief Technical Officer (CTO) - Medical Device Engineering

*Director, Clinical Research - Mike Petterson, Vice President of Clinical Research, Email:

*Director, Software Engineering - Bobby Lee, Information Technology Director, Email:

*Electronics Hardware Engineer

*Embedded Software Engineer - Paul Lewandowski, Manager, Software Validation, Email:

*Equipment Technician - Herb Chatterton, Manager, Facilities, Email:

*Executive Vice President, Operations - Failure Analysis Engineer

*Hardware Engineer

*Industrial Design Product Marketing Intern - Lisa Belodoff, Director of Marketing, Email:

*Inside Sales Representative - Scott Baldwin, Manager, Inside Sales, Email:

*Inside Sales Representative - Scott Baldwin, Manager, Inside Sales, Email:

*Interactive Designer - Tom McCall, VP Corporate Communications and Global Brand Strategy, Email:

*Machinist - Herb Chatterton, Manager, Facilities, Email:

*Manager, Document Control - Sudha Gupta, Compliance Manager, Email:

*Manufacturing Associate

*Manufacturing Test Engineer - Joel Peshkin, Manager, Integration Testing, Email:

*Medical Assistant

*Monitor Solutions Specialist / Network Engineer - Bobby Lee, Information Technology Director, Email:

*OEM Technology Product Manager - Ron Coverston, VP, OEM Technology and Deployment, Email:

*Public Relations Specialist - Dana Banks, Manager, Public Relations, Email:

*Regulatory Specialist (Medical Devices) - Gordon Richman Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Email:

*Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer - Jim Welch VP, Engineering, Email:

*Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer - Valery Telfort Director of Engineering, Email:

*Senior Supplier Quality Engineer - Jim Coffin, Director, Supplier Quality Engineering, Email:

*Test Engineer - Tho Tran, Quality Engineer Manager, Email:

*Traffic & Production Coordinator - Corey Sinclair, Director of Global Logistics, Email:

*Vice President, Clinical Research - Michael OReilly, Executive Vice President Medical Affairs, Email:

*Vice President, Engineering - Anand Sampath, Executive Vice President, Engineering, Email:

*Vice President, Technology Research -
*Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs -
*VP, OEM Business -

Feel free to add any contacts to this blog post if you wish.

We want ResuWe to assist you in finding your next job. If we didn't list a potential hiring manager for a position you are interested in and you want assistance on finding out where to send your resume click on this link to help

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Telecommuting - When is a good time to ask during the interview process?

With continued advances in technology and lower travel costs more companies are allowing employees to telecommute. The benefits of telecommuting include lower employer overhead for office space, environmental benefits, workers in different time zones, reduced absenteeism, increased employee satisfaction, and the ability to attract/keep employees who would otherwise need to take time off from work (new parents, individuals caring for a sick relative, etc.). Historically, managers are accustomed to supervising employees by observation versus results. While some jobs are well suited for telecommuting (sales, IT, customer service) more job seekers are requesting telecommuting as an option for conventional office positions. The trick in asking if telecommuting is an option is timing. You want the employer to listen to your request without losing interest in you as a potential employee.

When do you ask if telecommuting is an option during the interview process?

Make sure the employer has expressed interest in your candidacy. This usually happens after the first interview and the potential employer wants to perform a follow up interview or phone call. Don't start the first interview with your desire to telecommute. You need to find out more information about the job and SELL the idea afterwards based on factual information. During the interview make sure you tell the potential employer of your dedication and after-hour efforts from your current/previous positions. Also, mention your full home office during the interview process. This way when you request working from home the employer already knows you have the capability.

Make it about the company NOT YOU!

Employers don't care if your commute to office is over an hour. Employers DO care about how you can save them money and/or make them more money. After all, productivity is time and time is money. If you eliminate 2 hours of your current commute time and add that time to your traditional work schedule you can increase your work productivity (as well as subtract personal transportation costs). This translates well to a results orientated corporate environment where you can prove both cost savings as well as increased company revenues.

Negotiate the number of days you telecommute.

Telecommute doesn't always mean you work from home every day. If there are mandatory Monday and Wednesday staff meetings, request telecommuting on the other days of the week. If travel is a large part of the job you can request telecommuting on travel days. You can inform the employer of cost savings based on direct flights if you live closer to a major airport.

Ask the employer if they could offer telecommuting after a certain time frame?

There is usually a learning curve in a new job. Employers may be hesitant to allow new employees to work from home from day one. During the interview ask the interviewer how long it usually takes a new employee to get up to speed. Pitch the telecommuting idea after the normal new employee proving time.

Why do you want to work from home?

The potential employer may ask this question. If the job is more of an individual contributor role tell them that you really enjoy working independently and thrive in that environment. You can also inform the potential employer of a distraction free home office environment.

Eliminate the potential drawbacks.

Some current employees may resent telecommuters. Inform the potential employer of your company loyalty and willingness to come for company events and functions. This way the current employees know who you are.,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Owen Clement - a top Facilities Manager who should not be out of work had the pleasure of working with Owen 2 years ago while helping him secure his most recent position as Manager, Facilities and EH&S with XTENT. Unfortunately XTENT is another casualty of tough times and is currently going through a liquidation process.

Owen was highly regarded while interviewing and working for XTENT. He has outstanding Facilities Management experiences from within the Medical Device industry at XTENT and Medtronic. Owen has an MBA, Bachelor of Architecture, and is a Certified Facility Manager. He also has military experience in Project Management, Maintenance Engineering, and Operations from the US Air Force as a Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Captain.

Owen has been actively interviewing over the past 6 months and though has come close to a few offers, he has mentioned a few frustrations. I know times are tough but after working with Owen firsthand and knowing his background in detail, I'm shocked he has not been able to find a great position.

Owen lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is primarily seeking positions within the Bay Area but also open to positions throughout California, The Southeast (Texas, GA, Carolinas, & Florida), and the Washington DC Metro area.

Owen is seeking a position as a Manager or Director of Facilities or EH&S within a Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, or Healthcare related company but is certainly qualified and open to related Facilities Management positions within other industries.

Owen's full resume and profile can be viewed at Please feel free to connect with Owen directly or forward his profile to a colleague if you know of an applicable position.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Counter Offers - What to Do?

So you gave your notice to your current employer and it went surprisingly well. You kept things professional and have been a valuable asset to the organization. Your boss wants to have an additional meeting...maybe have dinner and just talk about things for a while. What's the harm? After all, your boss has also been your friend and confidant for the past few years and you owe it to him to just say thank you. But wait, what is really going on here? In the back of your mind you are feeling like something is up...Your boss never invited you for dinner before. Your boss is going to make you a counter offer.

Before giving notice or even starting your job search you should determine what your main reasons are for looking for a new job. Is it money, professional growth, job location, or a combination of things? Do you feel like you have learned everything there is to learn at your current job? Do you feel unappreciated? Or is it just time to move on? Whatever the reasons, before you start your job search you should speak with your boss about what you think is missing from your job. Searching for a new job is very time consuming. Why waste your time looking for a job if you are just going to stay put even if you get a new offer? Before taking time off and interviewing talk to your current boss about your future with the company. Ask questions like where do you see me 1 year from now? Talk openly about a career path and future earning potential. If you are not able to have this type of conversation with you boss it's probably one of the reasons you are looking for a job in the first place.

While a counter offer may be flattering, it's too little too late. Companies present counter offers to keep you from walking out the door. It's cheaper and less time consuming for them to attempt to keep a current employee than to train a new one. Also your boss is partially evaluated by retention of employees. Additionally, current projects will be delayed and morale will suffer if you leave. They want a low turnover rate and especially don't want you to go work for a competitor. A counter offer is NOT about's about your company.

Here are a few reasons why you should not take a counter offer:

1. You should be paid what you are worth in the first place.

Why does your employer now feel that you are worth more money simply because you gave notice? Shouldn't you have already been paid the amount? It's a back handed compliment to be offered more money. The additional money most likely will be taken from your next raise so don't think you are going to get a pay raise if you are still around next time there is a salary review.

2. If you must threaten to quit in order to get what you want, the company is probably not worth working for anyway.

I recently spoke with a Speech Pathologist working at a local hospital who felt she was underpaid. The Speech Pathologist met with the boss, asked for a raise and was declined. Her boss said in order to earn a raise she needed a written offer letter with a higher salary from another hospital. She had to spend time away from her current job interviewing (using vacation and sick days) and than present that offer to her current boss and HR. She interviewed, received a higher offer, went back to her current employer and they matched the higher offer. In 3 months she left anyway because money wasn't the only reason she wanted a new job. However, she needed to go through the whole outside interview process again.

3. Once you have shown your disloyalty to the company by giving notice your employer may consider you a flight risk.

Next time you have a doctors appointment your boss will probably think you are interviewing. Sick day = interview, vacation = interview, and so on...

4. A counter offer is nothing more than a stall tactic to give the company time to find your replacement.

Employers want to be in control of who is employed within the organization. Companies conduct confidential searches to replace employees all the time. What makes you any different?

5. The reasons that made you want to leave don't just go away.

Promises made at counter offer time rarely stay in place. The time to leave your current job is now...when you have a better offer from another employer and on your terms.

Most employees who accept counter offers are gone within one year. Also, top companies do not make counter offers because their policies are fair and based on market conditions. When you receive a counter offer it's best to thank the employer but politely decline.,

Monday, August 3, 2009

How and When to Give Notice

First off, don't be nervous. Giving notice is part of the natural progression of your career. Sometimes you need to change jobs to move up the ladder. While the butterflies may be flapping a bit in your stomach stay focused on the reason you are giving better your career.

When to give notice?

Give notice only when you have the written or electronic offer letter in hand and all of your questions are adequately answered about your future position. The last thing you want to do is leave your current job prematurely.

What day is best to give notice?

Friday. This way you can give the full two weeks notice (if needed) and start your new position on a Monday. Also, most employers are more relaxed on Friday and will have the weekend to cool off after you give notice.

How to give notice?

It's best to give notice both in writing and in person. Make sure you schedule an appointment with your boss and make it a high priority. If you want privacy ask to have the meeting in a conference room. When you speak with your boss get to the point. Tell your boss something like: I wanted to thank you for everything I've learned here but I accepted a new job and need to give you my notice. Stop Talking! There may be a few moments of unpleasant silence, but wait until your manager reacts to determine the continuation of the conversation. You don't need to say any more. If your boss asks what are your reasons for leaving you can reply that you enjoyed your time at the current company but feel it's time to move on. Keep things positive and don't let your boss get you to list specifics. If your manager insists on an answer, ask for an additional meeting at a later date. Lastly, make sure you ask your boss how he/she wants to handle informing other employees.

What to do before you leave?

Make sure you have two good references. Hopefully your boss has calmed down by now and you are able to request a good reference. Make sure you have your boss's work and mobile phone numbers as well as email address for easy future communication. It's a good idea to also have a back up management or peer reference from the company you are leaving.

Here is a written template:




It is with deep regret that I must at this time tender my resignation and give 2 weeks notice.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity I have been given to learn and develop. The time I have spent at COMPANY NAME has been most rewarding and helpful in my career, and I hope that my contributions to the company have been constructive.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I wish you all the best in the future.




Find a job in a different location by localizing your resume

Finding a position within a different geographic location can be a tricky task. It's also a classic Catch 22 since you need to live in the area to get a job and you need a job to live in the area. Below are a few tips to help you find an ideal job in a desired location.

Your Resume Address - Use the address of a close friend or relative on your resume. Make sure the address includes a zip code since most Applicant Tracking Systems use a radius search for searching local positions (usually within 50-100 miles). A good indicator if it is OK to use this person's address is to ask yourself "are you able to stay with this person for the first 2-3 weeks you are working while you find your own place to live?"

Your Resume Phone Number - Definitely use a local phone number with the area code of the location your desired job is in. If you're seeking Manhattan, use 212; St. Louis, use 314; and Orange County, CA, use 949. You can now do this easily by setting up a free Google Voice number. Please check out Google Voice for Job Seekers for more advanced Google Voice features.

Your Cover Letter - Mention the reason why you are seeking to relocate to this desired location. Reasons could include to be with a specific family member, you have friends in the area, or that you like to ski and you can't in Dallas. Make this personal to convey you are serious and not just applying for any job on a national level.

Also mention that you are staying with friends/family and that you require minimal relocation assistance. List specific dates you are in town and available to interview.

Companies are always interested in finding talent outside of their local marketplace. They're just not always prepared to handle the costs and logistics of arranging interview flights and relocation assistance. Taking the first steps by placing yourself within the local market will make the process easier on the company and quickly open up job opportunities.
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