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Monday, August 3, 2009

Find a job in a different location by localizing your resume

Finding a position within a different geographic location can be a tricky task. It's also a classic Catch 22 since you need to live in the area to get a job and you need a job to live in the area. Below are a few tips to help you find an ideal job in a desired location.

Your Resume Address - Use the address of a close friend or relative on your resume. Make sure the address includes a zip code since most Applicant Tracking Systems use a radius search for searching local positions (usually within 50-100 miles). A good indicator if it is OK to use this person's address is to ask yourself "are you able to stay with this person for the first 2-3 weeks you are working while you find your own place to live?"

Your Resume Phone Number - Definitely use a local phone number with the area code of the location your desired job is in. If you're seeking Manhattan, use 212; St. Louis, use 314; and Orange County, CA, use 949. You can now do this easily by setting up a free Google Voice number. Please check out Google Voice for Job Seekers for more advanced Google Voice features.

Your Cover Letter - Mention the reason why you are seeking to relocate to this desired location. Reasons could include to be with a specific family member, you have friends in the area, or that you like to ski and you can't in Dallas. Make this personal to convey you are serious and not just applying for any job on a national level.

Also mention that you are staying with friends/family and that you require minimal relocation assistance. List specific dates you are in town and available to interview.

Companies are always interested in finding talent outside of their local marketplace. They're just not always prepared to handle the costs and logistics of arranging interview flights and relocation assistance. Taking the first steps by placing yourself within the local market will make the process easier on the company and quickly open up job opportunities.


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