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Monday, August 17, 2009

How to find a job today!

Don't take the rest of the summer off! Companies are finally hiring and the last thing you want to do is wait another day. Hiring managers are fed up with having unfilled requisitions and their employees being stretched thin due to the increased workload from the lack of staff. Stop making excuses and find a job now!

Here's how:


The first thing you need to do is write or optimize your current resume. Most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and they input your resume into their internal system. The ATS deconstructs your resume and ranks your background based on how many keywords your resume contains. You can impact the number of keywords the ATS reads simply by writing the keywords into the resume body before you submit it to the company. will allow you to optimize your resume and add/subtract keywords with ease.

Work with the Right Person:

When dealing with anything in life it's always best to work with the decision maker. How many times have you been frustrated working with a non-decision maker only to ask for a supervisor and the problem is resolved? The same goes for your job search. Why would you keep performing the same actions and expect different results? When looking for a job you need to work with the RIGHT PERSON. The right person is the HIRING MANAGER.

Online Job Boards:

Job Boards are a great resource for finding your next job. While optimizing your resume will help it's ATS ranking, you need to make sure your resume gets to the Hiring Manager. By all means, send your resume through the job advertisement. That way your resume is at least in the company's system. It also gives you an excuse to follow up with the hiring manager. When you determine the possible hiring manager you can inform them that you already sent your resume to the company, but felt you were a good fit for the job. Include the reasoning and attach a Word copy of your resume with the correspondence.


Determine the competitors or firms that performed similar duties to your current/previous company. Make a list of these companies and go to their websites. Find any open jobs which may be a good fit and submit your resume through the website. Also, determine who the hiring managers are at these organizations and forward your resume directly to them. Inform them of your relevant experience by making sure to include your current / last company's name and your role in the cover letter. If the competitor companies don't have any jobs available you STILL want to find out who the possible hiring managers are and send them your resume. Just because there isn't a job posted doesn't mean a hiring manager won't create a job if they receive a qualified resume directly from someone who can significantly improve their team.


Search for relevant professional groups in your area or online. Join these groups. If they have monthly meetings go to the meetings. Before you go, try to find out the companies of the group members who may be in attendance. Go to these company websites and look for jobs which match your background. Write down these jobs and bring a list with you to the meeting. Also, bring a few copies of your resume along with possible hiring manager names for the openings. Talk to the group members and ask them who is the hiring manager for the job and ask if they can get your resume in front of that person. If they tell you to apply online they are brushing you off. Move onto the next person.

Working with Recruiters / Staffing Agencies:

It's fine to work with Recruiters. The good thing about using a Recruiter is the company is willing to pay a recruiter fee to hire employees. Also, Recruiters work and know the hiring manager for the position. However, you have to remember Recruiters are client specific and fill jobs for their clients versus having multiple jobs for you individually. Don't get your feelings hurt if a Recruiter doesn't call you back because you aren't a good fit for the job. Move on.

Job Fairs:

Rather than spend your time and money at job fairs, why not just find the companies who are attending a job fair in your area and submit your resume via their website? The only people in the booth are Human Resources or Internal Company Recruiters. These are the same people who review the resumes sent to the company website. You want to get your resume in front of the Hiring Manager. Hiring Managers are NOT at job fairs. Save your money and time wasted standing in line.

The time for you to take your job search into your own hands is NOW!,

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