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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orange County, CA - Who's Hiring?

ResuWe is dedicated to fighting unemployment. ResuWe is not just another resume website. We want to teach the job seeker aggressive ways to find a new job. ResuWe was founded by leading agency recruiters who feel the need to empower the job seeker with proven tactics used by successful recruiters. One of these tactics is working directly with the hiring manager of the company. How many times have you sent a resume to a job listed online for which you felt you were a great fit and never received a reply? By sending your resume directly to the hiring manager it eliminates the middle man and streamlines the hiring process. Company policies regarding receiving unsolicited resumes ONLY restrict resumes received from recruiting firms. NO WHERE does it read that companies are not allowed to accept resumes directly from individuals. Companies should be grateful that we are giving you this information. After all, it saves the company money by not having to pay recruiter's fees as well as filling their open jobs.

The company we are highlighting today is Masimo Corporation headquartered in Irvine, CA. Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) is a global medical technology company that develops and manufactures innovative noninvasive patient monitoring technologies, including medical devices and a wide array of sensors (from the Masimo website). Masimo currently has 39 open jobs on their website (listed below). We've selected a few of these jobs and given you the name and email of the potential hiring manager. If you feel you are a good fit for one of the selected jobs send a cover letter and Word copy of your resume with your name, job applied to and why you feel you are a good fit for the job to the potential hiring manager listed below. Here is a link to a previous blog post about how to write a cover letter You may want to tweak your resume a bit to highlight specific experiences related to each position you apply. Here is a link to a recent blog post on how to make your resume as key word rich as possible and increase your chances of getting your resume noticed

Link to website:

Company Location and Phone Number:
Masimo Corporation (HeadQuarters)
40 Parker
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 297-7000

Website jobs link:;jsessionid=D05F3B6682E7AB1EBAF0D49011DB999D.NA11_primary_jvm?org=MASIMO&cws=1

Current Open Jobs in Irvine, CA from The Masimo website:

*Accounts Payable Clerk - Greg McSwain, Assistant Controller, Email:

*Accounts Receivable Specialist - Raz Itzhaki, Finance Manager, Email:

*Algorithm Engineer - Ryan McHale, Advanced Algorithm Engineer, Email:

*Associate Electronics Engineer - Andy Gameline, Director, Engineering, Email:

*Associate General Counsel - Steve Moran, EVP General Counsel, Email:

*Buyer/Planner - Karen Vaillancourt, Sr. Buyer/Planner, Email:

*Chief Operations Officer (COO) -
*Chief Technical Officer (CTO) - Medical Device Engineering

*Director, Clinical Research - Mike Petterson, Vice President of Clinical Research, Email:

*Director, Software Engineering - Bobby Lee, Information Technology Director, Email:

*Electronics Hardware Engineer

*Embedded Software Engineer - Paul Lewandowski, Manager, Software Validation, Email:

*Equipment Technician - Herb Chatterton, Manager, Facilities, Email:

*Executive Vice President, Operations - Failure Analysis Engineer

*Hardware Engineer

*Industrial Design Product Marketing Intern - Lisa Belodoff, Director of Marketing, Email:

*Inside Sales Representative - Scott Baldwin, Manager, Inside Sales, Email:

*Inside Sales Representative - Scott Baldwin, Manager, Inside Sales, Email:

*Interactive Designer - Tom McCall, VP Corporate Communications and Global Brand Strategy, Email:

*Machinist - Herb Chatterton, Manager, Facilities, Email:

*Manager, Document Control - Sudha Gupta, Compliance Manager, Email:

*Manufacturing Associate

*Manufacturing Test Engineer - Joel Peshkin, Manager, Integration Testing, Email:

*Medical Assistant

*Monitor Solutions Specialist / Network Engineer - Bobby Lee, Information Technology Director, Email:

*OEM Technology Product Manager - Ron Coverston, VP, OEM Technology and Deployment, Email:

*Public Relations Specialist - Dana Banks, Manager, Public Relations, Email:

*Regulatory Specialist (Medical Devices) - Gordon Richman Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Email:

*Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer - Jim Welch VP, Engineering, Email:

*Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer - Valery Telfort Director of Engineering, Email:

*Senior Supplier Quality Engineer - Jim Coffin, Director, Supplier Quality Engineering, Email:

*Test Engineer - Tho Tran, Quality Engineer Manager, Email:

*Traffic & Production Coordinator - Corey Sinclair, Director of Global Logistics, Email:

*Vice President, Clinical Research - Michael OReilly, Executive Vice President Medical Affairs, Email:

*Vice President, Engineering - Anand Sampath, Executive Vice President, Engineering, Email:

*Vice President, Technology Research -
*Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs -
*VP, OEM Business -

Feel free to add any contacts to this blog post if you wish.

We want ResuWe to assist you in finding your next job. If we didn't list a potential hiring manager for a position you are interested in and you want assistance on finding out where to send your resume click on this link to help


  1. This is great! I didn't realize you could contact the hiring manager directly. Thanks for the info.

  2. Is it really okay to contact hiring managers directly?

  3. Great post. It's good to see recruiters giving advise to job seekers on how they operate

  4. Yes, it's fine to send a resume directly to the possible hiring manager. The companies don't have a policy against receiving resumes directly from potential candidates. If you are a good fit for the job your resume has a better chance of actually being read.

    Dan Boersma

  5. Thanks for the job leads.

  6. thanks so much for the info.

    really appreciated.

  7. Thanks for the contact information. I sent my resume to the hiring manager this morning

  8. this company has a reputation for chewing people up and spitting them out, especially managers
    I'd be extremely careful about working for them
    Tenure seems to be a year or two

  9. Great place to send your resume if you want to get grilled for months in an absurdly drawn-out interview process that goes nowhere.

  10. some of these jobs have been open for several months, it is extremely difficult to get hired, the interview process can take drag on for months before they decline you

  11. Resume for IT Director, IT Manager, CIO, CTO, Network Administrator, SEO/SEM, Orange County, Southern California

    17375 Brookhurst St. #18, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 ● (719)649-7451

    Executive Profile
    Dynamic management career with strong leadership, relationship building, problem-solving, planning, team-building, and program/project management skills. Positive can-do nature with a smile. Resident go-to person and resident expert for analysis and solutions. Recruit, develop, motivate and retain diverse staff structuring them in teams that deliver results and cost-savings.

    Summary of Qualifications
    • Technology Architecture & Integration • MCSE, CNA, and CNE Certified
    • Web Development & Content Management • Strategic Analysis & Internal Consulting
    • Data Center Delivery & Project Manage-ment • U.S Department Of Defense Security Clear-ance
    • •

    Professional Experience
    Masley & Associates 1994 to present
    Owner, Chief Information Officer, Consultant Orange County, CA and Colorado Springs, CO
    Directed the company's portfolio with an eye toward innovation, simplicity, and creativity. Provided clients and organizations guidance to re-create, rebuild and expand IT competencies. Contributed to vision, strategy and long-range development of IT solutions to leading organizations in various industries that not only capture new technologies, but support rapid changes in operations and business demands.
    • Transformed the Peterson Airforce Base, Colorado Airforce Base, and Luke Airforce Base into a high reliable data center with new security policies, information lifecycle management processes and a fast and efficient disaster recovery system. Established network security measures in order to support defense agency accreditation for The Department Of Defense at Schreiver Air Force Base JNIC Missile Defense Agency.
    • Strong record of success in managing robust server migration for multiple health care organizations, including St. Joseph’s Hospital with over 2000 users and Anaheim Memorial Hospital with over 4000 users.
    • Led cross-functional team to deliver on-time, on budget implementation of nationwide wireless network upgrade for The Sports Authority and Gart Sports, as well as Harris and General Dynamics.
    • Provide consulting, IT infrastructure direction, design and development of web presence applications for local businesses., including develope dynamic web presence web sites with high-ranking SEO/SEM performance.

    Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc. 1994 to 1999
    Network Administrator Irvine, CA
    Recruited to lead the design and development of network administration and client service delivery for established manufacturer and distributor of advanced innovative products for acute and chronic respiratory care, comprised of three business segments - Respiratory, Imaging and Pharmaceuticals.
    • Managed all aspects of several network implementations including network planning, design, test-ing, documentation, deployment and maintenance of Windows-based system.
    • Responsible for complete support, installation, maintenance and training and support plans for all network and system components for 400-user network.
    • Lead effort to migrate Novell based Microsoft and CCMail servers with upgraded Windows NT based Exchange Servers. Included development and implementation of plan to provide remote ac-cess to e-mail and database servers via Windows NT RAS.

    California State University, Fullerton
    • Novell Certified Network Administration and Engineering Program
    • Graduated in the top 10% of the JTPA Grant Class of 1993.

  12. Thanks for the post this is very helpful.
    The site is really very good.

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