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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Part 2 - How to search and apply for a job online

You already sent your resume through the company website. You may have received an auto-reply but have no idea if your resume was viewed or by whom. It's time to get more aggressive. We are still using the company Zynga as an example.

Go to the Zynga website and look for names of possible hiring managers for the Accountant position. Go to the "About Us" or "Management" toolbar on the website ( and determine who may be the hiring manager. Since you are an Accountant and you know the hierarchy of the accounting department you eventually would report on up to the CFO. Listed in the "About Zynga" page is the bio of the CFO, Mark Vranseh. Mark is a possible hiring manager for the Accountant position.

Now go to the "Contact Us" page of the website. Determine how their email addresses are formatted. Sometimes there are contacts in the site which allow you to deduct the email addresses of the employees. On Zynga there is no such luck. However, go to Google and type in Navigate through the pages and determine if there are any email addresses to employees of Zynga. After investigating Google it appears their email address format is:

Now go to LinkedIn and select Advanced Search. In the company section select Zynga (current company only) and keywords accounting or finance. You pull up several people who work in accounting at Zynga (Alyson Miller, Brian Noriega, Todd Freedman). You determine the email addresses for these individuals should be,, and These individuals may not be the hiring manager but by sending your cover letter (how to write a cover letter: and optimized keyword rich resume you can greatly increase your chances of having your resume sent and read by the hiring manager for the position.

Just don't over do a rule of thumb it's NOT a good idea to send your resume to more than 5 contacts at the company nor to send it to employees who are in no way connected to the job.,


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