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Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Hiring Manager's Contact Information - - LABOR DAY SPECIAL

Free Hiring Manager's Contact Information - - LABOR DAY SPECIAL is free to use and dedicated to fighting unemployment. In honor of Labor Day we are giving away FREE hiring manager's email addresses to the first 100 new users. This is a VERY limited offer and the free hiring manager email address is only for the next 100 people who complete a SIGN UP TODAY!

Here is how it works:

1. Go to and upload your resume for Free.

2. Follow the ResuWe instructions on how to best optimize your resume.

3. Complete the full ResuWe profile including a personal ResuWe vanity URL.

4. Look for an open job on

5. Email us the open job directly. Send to:

6. We reply with the possible hiring manager's email address., fight unemployment.

Limit 1 free email address per user. Users must complete a full unique ResuWe profile to be eligible. uses advanced technologies to determine possible company hiring managers email addresses. If we are unable to verify and/or determine a possible hiring manager email address you are eligible to receive a free ResuWe t-shirt. Offer expires Wednesday, September 9th. Happy Labor Day!


  1. Send open job to:

  2. Thanks to all who participated in the free hiring manager promotion. We hope your resume was received by the Right Person at the designated jobs. is dedicated to fighting unemployment and educating job seekers on creative ways to get a new job.


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