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Monday, September 28, 2009

Here's who's hiring in Los Angeles, CA

Here's who's hiring in Los Angeles, CA

The holidays are coming and what better place to work than Mattel. With products like Hot Wheels, American Girl Dolls and Barbie, Mattel has nearly 2,000 employees working in El Segundo, CA. According to the Mattel website it's the employees', "creativity and talent that enables them to design, develop, and market our innovative toys. Much like our brands, our people also need development and growth opportunities. We believe that as our employees grow professionally, so will Mattel. Our comprehensive people development program addresses training, professional development, reward, and promotion." Sounds like a pretty good place to work.

Here are a few steps to assist you on getting an interview at Mattel:

1. Revise your resume at

2. Send your resume through the Mattel website for a job which fits your background.

Link to Mattel Corporate Employment website:

In addition, forward your resume directly to the Corporate Staffing department:
You can also forward your resume directly to the following staffing personnel:

Mita Crawford , Corporate Staffing

Trina Miyahara, Manager, Staffing Resources

Phil Hodges, Director, Corporate Staffing

Include your resume, position you are applying, and a brief paragraph on why you are a good fit.

3. If you don't hear back from anyone within 48 hours and want to get a little more aggressive feel free to forward your resume directly to the possible hiring manager below. Again, make sure you attach your ResuWe resume, inform the possible hiring manager of the position you are applying, let them know you already applied through the Mattel website and educate them with a few highlights on why you are a great candidate for their open job.
Here are most of the open jobs currently on the Mattel website in El Segundo, CA with the possible hiring manager's name and email address:

Live Entertainment Production Coordinator
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Maximina Juson, Producer at Mattel

Tiffany Shuttleworth, Producer

Manager / Sr Associate, Brands Strategic Planning
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Grant Beggs, Director Strategic Planning

Cathy Cheng Carberry, Manager, Corporate Strategic Planning at Mattel

Senior Patent Counsel


Landon Moreland, Senior Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs

Manager, Marketing - Softlines Licensing
Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Laura Takaragawa, Sr. Manager, Softlines Licensing

Brad Armistead, Senior Marketing Director at Mattel, Inc.

Project Manager, IT
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Manager IT
Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Director IT, Managed Services
Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Theresa Dawsey, Sr. Manager IT
Pete Nagel, Sr. Manager, IT Managed Services

Philip Moore, Senior Director IT

Michel Bernard, Vice President, International IT
Sr. Auditor
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Michael Palumbo, Director - Internal Audit

Stephen Blasich, Finance Manager

Industrial Engineer
Mattel, Inc. - El Segundo, CA

Sarah Hurzeler, Manager
Matt Miller, Director

Risk Management Manager/Specialist
American Girl/Mattel - El Segundo, CA

Rodney Davis, Senior Manager, Global Sustainability

David Ringe, IT Audit Manager

Manager Public Relations
Public Relations Assistant

Chris Volk, Director of Public Relations, Fight Unemployment.


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