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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top 4 Tips to Help College Students Find a Great Job

There are several things you can do as a college student to increase the chances of finding a job with a good company once you graduate. A complaint that many new graduates have is that they apply for entry level positions but often do not even receive interviews because they don’t have any work experience. Here are 4 Top Tips on what to do to increase your chances of landing a job after you graduate.

(1) Work or intern for a company in an industry related to your area of interest / college major

You can gain work experience in college either through jobs or internships. Internships are great because they allow you to try out different work environments and types of work so you have a good idea of the type of job you want to obtain once you graduate. The relevant work experience you gain through internships will give you something to put on your resume and will make you more of an asset to a company compared to other graduates who may have great GPAs but lack work experience. Ideally, the company you intern for will offer you a job once you graduate, if not your supervisor will at least serve as a good reference. While it may be tempting to make more money bar-tending or in a retail job, participating in unpaid or low paid jobs/internships gives you relevant work experience which is the key to finding a job once you graduate. It is much better to be an intern when you are a college student instead of interning once you graduate because you can’t find a decent job due to lack of relevant work experience.

(2) Get involved in leadership roles in college clubs/organizations

You should also get involved in leadership roles in clubs and organizations on campus. Companies like to see that you have developed leadership skills in college so these experiences will definitely be something you can include on your resume.

(3) Utilize your college career center to find jobs/internships and to practice interviews

Your college career center has many resources to offer. Not only do they assist you in finding jobs and internships both while you are in school and once you graduate, but they also will conduct practice job interviews . This will help you feel more comfortable and know what to expect when you go in for an actual job interview.

(4) Attend college career fairs

You should definitely attend career fairs when your school hosts them, because you will have the opportunity to speak with companies who are hiring. This is a great start to getting your resume out there for your job search.,


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