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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ResuWe at U2

Competition is heating up for the chance to win the new iPod Nano! Check out this great shot from the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on October 25th.

It's not too late to enter. Simply email a photo of yourself wearing your ResuWe t-shirt in front of a cool or unique regional location or landmark to

Don't have a ResuWe tee shirt? Log on to, get your resume PUBLISHED ONLINE, tweet your Profile through Twitter, and we will send you a free ResuWe t-shirt! You can also have your Facebook friends make recommendations on your resume.

New Podcast up on iTunes - Preparing for the Interview

In our 2nd Podcast, we cover Interview preparation tips and techniques. We also cover our 10 interviewing questions in 5 minutes segment and job search tip of the week. Now you can rev up your resume on with Facebook! All interview questions are provided by the Interview Pro iPhone App.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Be a Passive Job Seeker by utilizing Social Media

Google announced last week that they struck a deal with Twitter to include real-time tweets in Google’s search results. Facebook is continuing to add more job related content and users can add their job history to their Facebook profile. ResuWe allows it's users to have their Facebook friends comment and make recommendations on their resume. ResuWe also allows it's users the ability to tweet their resume and have a vanity ResuWe URL which will allow user's resumes to be searched and viewed via the Open Web.

Having a resume available online is part of an individual's personal brand. Posting a resume on one of the pay boards limits who can search the resume to only those who pay for a user license. Also, users spend a lot of time posting their resumes to each of the job boards (Monster, Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, etc.). Passive job seekers can now safely have a social media enhanced resume available via the open web using

With a 9.8% unemployment rate (US BLS September, 2009) and a slowly improving economy, workers unhappy with their current job may still be hesitant to actively start looking for a new position. This information, coupled with more and more companies spending money on technologies involving open web searches to find passive candidates, are reasons why to be a passive job seeker.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Get a Facebook Enhanced Resume using

A great new feature on is the ability to have your Facebook friends make comments and give you a "thumbs up" on your resume. Create a Resume profile by uploading and optimizing your resume. If you are already a user simply sign into your account.

1. Once your resume is finished select My Profile on the top toolbar.

2. Create a ResuWe vanity URL on the Website / Social Settings on the My Profile page.

3. Select View Public Profile on this page.

4. Select the the Facebook icon / invite co-workers and colleagues to Rev up your Resume!

Please note:

Your Facebook Friends will receive a notice in the upper right hand Requests section of their Facebook home page. It will read 1 ResuWe invitation.

Only your Facebook friends who receive an invitation are able to make a comment on your resume.

The Rev'd up version of your resume is NOT the Word copy of your ResuWe resume. The Rev'd up version is the default resume viewed on the open web (if you choose) via your ResuWe Vanity URL.

The Facebook resume is easy to create, and it will catch the eye of hiring managers!

Stand Out Among Job Applicants by Creating an Enhanced Resume with Recommendations from Facebook Connections on

In today's ultra competitive job market it is essential for job seekers to differentiate themselves. Now they can using to build a resume and create a Facebook enhanced resume with comments and "thumbs up" recommendations from their peers and supervisors. This revolutionary feature allows hiring managers to immediately see that a candidate is respected, highly recommended, and a team player.

With over 15 million unemployed people and an unemployment rate of 9.8%, Americans are facing an extremely competitive job market. They must do everything they can to stand out amongst the hordes of candidates applying for the same jobs. The new website offers job seekers just that - a simple yet exceptionally effective way to stand out amongst applicants by creating a Facebook resume with comments and "thumbs up" recommendations from colleagues and supervisors.

The Co-Founders Jeff Schwartzman and Dan Boersma are experienced recruiters with over 25 years of industry experience combined. Boersma explains, "Hiring managers will be more likely to interview a candidate who they know is well liked and recommended by their colleagues versus a candidate about whom they have no additional information. An individual's resume doesn't show what colleagues and supervisors think of their job performance and this feature will validate resumes." Schwartzman adds, "This feature will help job seekers stand out from the pack, which is of vital importance in today's poor economic climate."

Facebook has over 300 million active users and the average user has 130 friends. Many of these connections are work colleagues and ResuWe's new Facebook feature will help job seekers benefit from Facebook's expansive network. While only people who are invited are able to leave comments, anyone who is a work connection will be able to give a "thumbs up" on the Facebook resume with one click. Job seekers can direct hiring managers to their Facebook resume by including the URL link on their Word resumes, within cover letters, or both.

This is just one of the tools that ResuWe offers their users in this extremely competitive job market. ResuWe allows users to upload and optimize their resume for free. Hiring managers will have access to both the Word resume and the Facebook resume. With the addition of the Facebook feature, is now a comprehensive job search website utilizing both basic job search tools and full social media capabilities. The site allows people to effortlessly integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and personal websites through a ResuWe vanity URL that can be included on their Word resumes.

While users have the option of keeping their profile and resume private, those who choose to have a public profile will benefit from allowing all potential employers to find their resume. Many employers specifically seek out passive job candidates through open web searches. Therefore, having a public profile will be a benefit even to those candidates who are not actively seeking a new position. Normally it can be awkward when a current employer discovers an employee's resume on a job board such as Monster because it indicates that they are actively searching for another position. However, a benefit of ResuWe is that because it is primarily a resume optimization and social networking site, it is acceptable to have a public resume on display.

Job seekers who take advantage of everything has to offer will have significant advantages over the average job candidate. The Facebook resume is easy to create, and it will catch the eye of hiring managers. Standing out amongst the competition with a professional, recommended, and validated resume is the best way to be noticed, interviewed, and hired.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Here's Who's Hiring in Chicago, IL

Here's Who's Hiring in Chicago, IL

When people get laid off or can't find work, a good choice for many is to go back to school. With the increase in students comes more jobs in education. The hiring company we will focus on today is Kaplan Education in Chicago, IL. The Kaplan website reads, "Since Kaplan’s founding in 1938, we have helped millions of students achieve their educational and career goals. Learn more about how we change lives through education. Kaplan Higher Education ( is a thriving division of Kaplan, Inc., ( and The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO). Our high professional standards have resulted in tremendous success -we now serve over 80,000 students on more than 70 campus-based and online schools across the United States and Europe." Sounds like a pretty good place to work.
Here is how you should go about getting a job at Kaplan:

1. Revise your resume at

2. Go to the Kaplan website and search for the open job which best fits your experience:^U/f_slp_rhc_k8nlJvmjgKJOJkql2eHZc/C6hbyltqSKWyVQA3S7EOySpwhfhyHUlenbsiPFIfb0_slp_rhc_z8DwCaY_C_R__L_F_UL7IzzM0QyGV5hoQWsFQSdu/mCNO0EI=&ref=10122009134622

3. Submit your resume via the Kaplan website for the position:^EPrsw4E0yHg478UWxKTlvnN0GOOZr9/MtJknUz5MaXHb2u5QR7sS1uuA4ZcuTu5HCAo4wUh0lr/h_C_R__L_F_Ivk6gDt29PIifGbPgTsQsUNdZHg4KOk=&RegType=SubmitNow

4. If you don't hear back from anyone within 48 hours and want to get a little more aggressive feel free to forward your resume directly to the possible hiring manager below. Again, make sure you attach your resume, inform the possible hiring manager of the position you are applying, let them know you already applied through the Kaplan website and educate them with a few highlights on why you are a great candidate for their open job.

Here are most of the open jobs currently on the Kaplan website with the possible hiring manager's name and email address. The Kaplan email format is a bit tricky so I included all of the possible email addresses per individual. Feel free to send your resume directly to all of the addresses. One of them will work.

Executive Director of Operations - Beth Hollenberg, Chief Operating Officer at Kaplan Higher Education Campuses

Director, New Media Product Development - Ranjan Daniels, Executive Director, New Product Development
Director of New Products - Karen Baldeschwieler, VP New Products & Business Development
Manager of Recruiting - School of Nursing - Sarah Riddile, Executive Director of Talent Development

Director of Academic Advising - Eric Kligman, Executive Director of Academic Advisors

Instructional Designer - Danielle (Tetzler) Mbadu, Manager, Instructional Design

Faculty Manager - Sally Beatty, Vice President Faculty Service

Faculty Member - Deborah Dahlen Zelechowski, VP of Faculty Development

Medical Program Manager - Cathy Goodman, Executive Director of Program Management

MBA - Director Development Program - Kira Brown, Director Development Program (more of a peer than a direct boss)

Associate Relationship Manager - Lindsey Wolf-DeKuiper, Relationship Manager

Director of Financial Aid - Elizabeth Mitchell, Associate Director of Financial Aid (not the direct manager buy maybe can get your resume in front of the VP of Financial Aid)

Curriculum Manager

Kathleen Prince, VP of Curriculum & Instruction
Jean Kotsiovos, Assistant Dean of Curriculum at Kapan University

Assistant Director for Regional Accreditation

Michael Machen, Director of Accreditation Responses
Albert Chan, Director of Quality and Accreditation

Technology Support Analyst - Joel Schaefer, Technology Director

Associate Director of Admissions
CampusVue Business Analyst, Admissions
Admissions Automation Systems Analyst

Najam Syed, Director of Admissions
Brett Sullivan, Executive Director of Admissions at Kaplan University
Erin Lough - Executive Director of Admissions Operations at Kaplan Higher Education

Group Controller - Mike Peyer, CFO

Executive Director of Operations - Beth Hollenberg, Chief Operating Officer

Friday, October 2, 2009

ResuWe with Willie Mays

Team goBalto is in the lead to win the new iPod Nano! Check out this great shot in front of AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants.

It's not too late to take the lead. Simply email a photo of yourself wearing your ResuWe t-shirt in front of a cool or unique regional location or landmark to

Don't have a ResuWe tee shirt? Log on to, get your resume PUBLISHED ONLINE, tweet your Profile through Twitter, and we will send you a free ResuWe t-shirt!
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