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Monday, October 12, 2009

Here's Who's Hiring in Chicago, IL

Here's Who's Hiring in Chicago, IL

When people get laid off or can't find work, a good choice for many is to go back to school. With the increase in students comes more jobs in education. The hiring company we will focus on today is Kaplan Education in Chicago, IL. The Kaplan website reads, "Since Kaplan’s founding in 1938, we have helped millions of students achieve their educational and career goals. Learn more about how we change lives through education. Kaplan Higher Education ( is a thriving division of Kaplan, Inc., ( and The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO). Our high professional standards have resulted in tremendous success -we now serve over 80,000 students on more than 70 campus-based and online schools across the United States and Europe." Sounds like a pretty good place to work.
Here is how you should go about getting a job at Kaplan:

1. Revise your resume at

2. Go to the Kaplan website and search for the open job which best fits your experience:^U/f_slp_rhc_k8nlJvmjgKJOJkql2eHZc/C6hbyltqSKWyVQA3S7EOySpwhfhyHUlenbsiPFIfb0_slp_rhc_z8DwCaY_C_R__L_F_UL7IzzM0QyGV5hoQWsFQSdu/mCNO0EI=&ref=10122009134622

3. Submit your resume via the Kaplan website for the position:^EPrsw4E0yHg478UWxKTlvnN0GOOZr9/MtJknUz5MaXHb2u5QR7sS1uuA4ZcuTu5HCAo4wUh0lr/h_C_R__L_F_Ivk6gDt29PIifGbPgTsQsUNdZHg4KOk=&RegType=SubmitNow

4. If you don't hear back from anyone within 48 hours and want to get a little more aggressive feel free to forward your resume directly to the possible hiring manager below. Again, make sure you attach your resume, inform the possible hiring manager of the position you are applying, let them know you already applied through the Kaplan website and educate them with a few highlights on why you are a great candidate for their open job.

Here are most of the open jobs currently on the Kaplan website with the possible hiring manager's name and email address. The Kaplan email format is a bit tricky so I included all of the possible email addresses per individual. Feel free to send your resume directly to all of the addresses. One of them will work.

Executive Director of Operations - Beth Hollenberg, Chief Operating Officer at Kaplan Higher Education Campuses

Director, New Media Product Development - Ranjan Daniels, Executive Director, New Product Development
Director of New Products - Karen Baldeschwieler, VP New Products & Business Development
Manager of Recruiting - School of Nursing - Sarah Riddile, Executive Director of Talent Development

Director of Academic Advising - Eric Kligman, Executive Director of Academic Advisors

Instructional Designer - Danielle (Tetzler) Mbadu, Manager, Instructional Design

Faculty Manager - Sally Beatty, Vice President Faculty Service

Faculty Member - Deborah Dahlen Zelechowski, VP of Faculty Development

Medical Program Manager - Cathy Goodman, Executive Director of Program Management

MBA - Director Development Program - Kira Brown, Director Development Program (more of a peer than a direct boss)

Associate Relationship Manager - Lindsey Wolf-DeKuiper, Relationship Manager

Director of Financial Aid - Elizabeth Mitchell, Associate Director of Financial Aid (not the direct manager buy maybe can get your resume in front of the VP of Financial Aid)

Curriculum Manager

Kathleen Prince, VP of Curriculum & Instruction
Jean Kotsiovos, Assistant Dean of Curriculum at Kapan University

Assistant Director for Regional Accreditation

Michael Machen, Director of Accreditation Responses
Albert Chan, Director of Quality and Accreditation

Technology Support Analyst - Joel Schaefer, Technology Director

Associate Director of Admissions
CampusVue Business Analyst, Admissions
Admissions Automation Systems Analyst

Najam Syed, Director of Admissions
Brett Sullivan, Executive Director of Admissions at Kaplan University
Erin Lough - Executive Director of Admissions Operations at Kaplan Higher Education

Group Controller - Mike Peyer, CFO

Executive Director of Operations - Beth Hollenberg, Chief Operating Officer


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