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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Get a Facebook Enhanced Resume using

A great new feature on is the ability to have your Facebook friends make comments and give you a "thumbs up" on your resume. Create a Resume profile by uploading and optimizing your resume. If you are already a user simply sign into your account.

1. Once your resume is finished select My Profile on the top toolbar.

2. Create a ResuWe vanity URL on the Website / Social Settings on the My Profile page.

3. Select View Public Profile on this page.

4. Select the the Facebook icon / invite co-workers and colleagues to Rev up your Resume!

Please note:

Your Facebook Friends will receive a notice in the upper right hand Requests section of their Facebook home page. It will read 1 ResuWe invitation.

Only your Facebook friends who receive an invitation are able to make a comment on your resume.

The Rev'd up version of your resume is NOT the Word copy of your ResuWe resume. The Rev'd up version is the default resume viewed on the open web (if you choose) via your ResuWe Vanity URL.

The Facebook resume is easy to create, and it will catch the eye of hiring managers!

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