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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to be contacted via LinkedIn

I am an Agency Recruiter and use LinkedIn daily. Both Agengy Recruiters and Corporate Recruiters use LinkedIn to find active and passive job seekers. Professionals use LinkedIn to network and to find out about potential job opportunities. The bad news is unless someone is a 1st contact (or shared member of a group) they are not able to send you a message.

If you are looking for a job or if you want to get contacted about job opportunities make sure to add a personal email address to your LinkedIn profile.

Here is how to do it:

1. Profile

2. Edit Profile

3. Contact Settings

Where it reads, "What advice would you give to users considering contacting you?" write in your personal email address.

4. Save Changes

Don’t think you will get a lot of spam or a thousand job emails. You are not that great so stop kidding yourself. Also, you may know of a great referral who would be a good fit for the job. You can forward that email to your colleague, have great Karma and get all the green lights on the way home from work.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Job Board Scorecard - Unbaised Job Board Review

We set up a new site called Job Board Scorecard. With so many job boards we wanted to share an unbiased resource for staffing agencies and companies as to where they should post their openings. Job Board Scorecard lets employers and recruiters share their experiences and successes working with the major job boards.

What is NOT the goal? Bashing the job boards or saying job boards are dead…how many jobs have you filled through Twitter?

Job Board Scorecard provides accurate data regarding web traffic and tells which board is best for a specific type of job. Job Board Scorecard also breaks down recent trends such as PPC job postings, job board aggregation, and sponsored jobs. The site also touches on the quality of candidates and gives an overview of costs per posting.

Please visit Job Board Scorecard and give your honest opinion.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Which job board is best for you?

Which job board is best for you?

With so many options when it comes to posting jobs online it’s confusing to select which site best fits your needs. This is an overview of popular job posting websites sorted by the cost per ad. It also includes the monthly estimated traffic (according to With a lot of emphasis on social media and recruiting, job boards have received negative media attention lately. However, when you have an open job you still need to put the help wanted sign in the window.

1. - $459 per ad for 30 days – 400K viewers per month is known as the technology job board. A lot of jobs listed on Dice are from staffing agencies, but with so little traffic and the highest cost per ad Dice is probably not the choice for most employers.

2. - $419 per ad for 30 days – 13.6 Million per month

Careerbuilder is the 2nd most expensive job board of the group. Also, with about half of the traffic of Monster I would recommend Monster over Careerbuilder.

3. - $355 per ad for 30 days – 25.2 Million per month

Monster is definitely the 800 pound gorilla in online job board advertising. However, having used Monster for over 10 years it does yield qualified candidates (as well as a lot of unqualified ones). With their recent acquisition of HotJobs and high traffic, is a good job board on which to post…but try some cheaper alternatives first.

4. - $99 per sponsored ad for 30 days – 10.3 Million per month

Simplyhired (and Indeed) are job board aggregators. They list jobs from the open web to their site to generate traffic. If your jobs are listed on your company website and you have a web developer who can work with their API you can have your company jobs fed to Indeed and Simplyhired for free. ResuWe clients are also able to do this at no additional cost. However, if you don’t have this ability you can post a sponsored job on both sites. The traffic on Simplyhired and Indeed is increasing, so consider posting to these sites via free or sponsored ads as a lower cost alternative to Monster or Careerbuilder.

5. - $95 per ad for 30 days and 19.7 Million per month.

I like LinkedIn. They are well known as the professional social media site and should be strongly considered. They also have a feature called Direct Ads where you can list a job (via a unique URL) to a targeted LinkedIn audience via pay per click. ResuWe clients can also inform their contacts about an open position via, “share an update” and include the unique job URL in the box to ensure proper candidate tracking.

5. – Pay Per Click for Sponsored Ads – 7.5 Million per month

It’s nice to see a job site embracing pay per click advertising. You pay for results versus post and pray. Again, use the free feature first if you can, but capping the amount you are willing to spend for a job ad gives the employer a lot more power than before.

6. – Free/$25/$75 per ad for 30 days (depending on geographic area) – 50 Million per month (national). However, Craigslist jobs are posted regionally or by city.

Craigslist is a killer site for finding local talent. While Craigslist may have some stigmas attached to it, we still see great results. The downside is you do get some unwanted solicitation emails to your inbox. However, if you request job applicants send their resume via a job URL (ResuWe clients are able to do this) you will not receive any unwanted garbage in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

And the winner is???

It’s hard to pick a winner when it comes to online job advertising. However, here is a formula to maximize your job exposure and minimize your costs:

Post the job to Indeed and Simplyhired for free (via and let the job run for a few days. The open position will also be found when a job seeker searches Google.

After a few days if you have not received enough quality applicants, post the job to Craigslist. Make sure you include the job's unique URL and inform applicants to apply via the web link (not just select reply via Craigslist). This way you can track the source of each applicant and they go to your ResuWe ATS versus your inbox.

If this doesn’t yield enough applicants, post the job on LinkedIn or consider paying for a sponsored job on Indeed or Simplyhired.

The total cost for doing all of this is around $225, which is much less expensive than posting to one of the larger job boards.

(ResuWe $99, Craigslist $25, LinkedIn/Simplyhired/Indeed around $100).

Let’s say you have 6 jobs to fill over the next 6 months. You would save over $1400 by using this formula. Also, you have a great ATS which auto-ranks and scores resumes which saves a LOT of time.

Lastly, ResuWe allows you to track back the source of each applicant to determine where to spend your future online job advertising dollars.
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