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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Job Board Scorecard - Unbaised Job Board Review

We set up a new site called Job Board Scorecard. With so many job boards we wanted to share an unbiased resource for staffing agencies and companies as to where they should post their openings. Job Board Scorecard lets employers and recruiters share their experiences and successes working with the major job boards.

What is NOT the goal? Bashing the job boards or saying job boards are dead…how many jobs have you filled through Twitter?

Job Board Scorecard provides accurate data regarding web traffic and tells which board is best for a specific type of job. Job Board Scorecard also breaks down recent trends such as PPC job postings, job board aggregation, and sponsored jobs. The site also touches on the quality of candidates and gives an overview of costs per posting.

Please visit Job Board Scorecard and give your honest opinion.


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